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August 2016

Top 5 Apps for Students

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Whether you are still in school or within tertiary education these Free Apps can help you stay organized, manage, and succeed at being a student.

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Being a Student requires a complex juggling and balance act. Achieving the grades you want, keeping up with your friends, and maintaining contact with your family are all important parts of Student Life (add to this taking care of your physical well-being which includes regular exercise).

If only there were smart-devices to help you manage all of your responsibilities and further your goals!

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Paying for Smartphone Features that You Can’t make full use of

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Can you use all the extra features your pricey tech comes with?


The growing use of technology in business and communication means that access is fast becoming (if not already) a necessity. Getting and staying connected is an integral part of finding and capitalizing on opportunities as well as maintaining communication in personal relationships.

Prestigio believes in empowering access for all through affordable Tablets and Smartphones which provide the functionality and tech capabilities that you need.

In the current economic climate consumers are revisiting their tech budgets only to find that they might be spending more than they can afford on overpriced devices boasting features which they can’t make full use of.

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Affordable Personal Entertainment

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All work and no play makes for a dull day

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Entertainment is an important part of Life as it can be an healthy escape, stimulate thought, further education and provide a medium over which we can socialise. With our Tablets and Smartphones; Prestigio puts affordable entertainment within reach. Prestigio devices feature all the capabilities that you need to access the entertainment you want.


What is your favourite way to be entertained?

Whether you enjoy full-length movies, music and short videos, sport, educational talks or games there are now ways to access all of these not only through the Internet but also through simple easy to use Apps (there are apps out there that you can use offline without going through your data).

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Communication Mediums & Trends

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Exciting times in The World of Communication

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As more and more people become connected using smart technology in personal devices the ways in which we communicate with our friends, family, and the world are shifting. Long gone are the days which required long distance calling cards, letters, and landlines to stay in touch. These days, communication is multi-faceted, while traditional phone calls and even text messages are still sometimes used.

Recent communication trends and mediums are allowing us to express ourselves more creatively by incorporating multi-media options into our messages.

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