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September 2016

A How-To-Guide for Your 1st Smartphone

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What are the possibilities? Smartphones are the Future Now

Three dimensional apps on smartphone. A 3D phone is a mobile phone that conveys depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques.

If you have just bought a Smartphone, congratulations!

Smartphones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous because of the possibilities they hold. While phone calls and SMS’s can still be made using one, the capability and functions of modern tech goes far beyond the role of traditional phone. In case you did not know, Smartphones are multi-tasking champions! Here are just a few of the things which your new Smartphone can be used for:

  • Looking for Job Opportunities and becoming Work-Ready
  • Entertainment & Accessing the news and information that you want to know
  • Organizing your work/school schedule
  • Further Education
  • Staying current & relevant in Modern Culture
  • Connected to & Competitive within a Global Community

Learning how to get the most from your Smartphone

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Being Work-Ready in Today’s World

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The Modern Mobile Job Seeker

Future, technology, man.

You no longer need to waste time and money, travelling around knocking on each businesses’ door only to be told that there are no job vacancies available or that the manager is not available. Make finding and getting a job easy with your Smartphone or Tablet.

While many use a Smartphone for communication and entertainment increasing numbers of people are utilizing personal tech devices to help them find a job and become “Work Ready”. Prestigio offers technology which features everything you will need to place online employment opportunities within your reach. From your initial search, application preparation and submission, and even finding your way to the interview venue, this can all be achieved with smart technology. You no longer need an expensive laptop for your career to be successful.

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Enable your Children to become World Ready

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Technology Everywhere!

Investing in ideas business concept and financial backing of innovation as an open lightbulb symbol for funding potential innovative growth prospect through venture capital.

Becoming familiar with technology can help enable your children to avail themselves of educational tools and master the tech skills needed for the World of today and tomorrow.

The use of technology has spread across every aspect of Life and is only growing! It affects the way we work and do business in our professional sphere, how we connect with friends and family, the organizing of our schedules, how we navigate the physical world, how we become more conscious-consumers, how education from preschool to university takes place and beyond.

Equipping Our Children for the Future

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How to Protect your Child Online

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Promoting online discoveries not disasters


Keeping Our Children safe is a priority in our physical reality and in the cyber world. We have all seen plenty of scary headlines featuring examples of perpetrators skulking online to prey on the naive. The best defense is offense and as Parents we can and ought to take a pro-active approach to keeping our Families safe.

The Internet can be an amazing educational resource, which can allow your child to become World Ready. However, it must be explored with guidance from those who know better. Here is a Safety Guide for Parents to help your child get the most and not the worst.

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