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November 2016

How to Backup a Smartphone

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Safe & Sound


Don’t let a disaster destroy the contents of your phone! Think smart and make a backup so that you don’t have to deal with the loss of irreplaceable information!

Backing your Smartphone up makes more than good sense, it is a vital step needed to prevent irreplaceable loss of the information that is valuable. Here are some simple ways to help keep your contacts, photos and videos stay safe!
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How to Register a New Business in South Africa

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The Time is Now


If you have a business plan or idea, you don’t have to wait around till you can afford expensive legal help. Employ your Smartphone instead to register your business, and ‘get it done’. Here’s how:

Prestigio Smartphones & Tablets have all the functionality as desktop computers and laptops. Don’t let a lack of access prevent you from going after your success, you can purchase a Prestigio device today, which is much more affordable than you think, just take a look at these deals. Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit and use your smart device to help you on the road to business success.

Unleash your potential by getting your business registered on your Smartphone.

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Innovation: A Powerful Market Game Changer

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Something New is Sometimes Better

Creativity and Business Innovation as a Concept

Entrepreneurs deal in the currency of innovation. They must uncover a new idea, device, or method of doing something that is marketable.

When entrepreneurs are successful it almost always causes a disruption in the status quo, shaking up the market as well as within modern culture.

Disruptive Innovation

This term was coined in the mid 90’s by Harvard professor, author, and businessman Clayton Christensen. In his award winning writing he defines:

Disruptive Innovation “an innovation that creates a new market and value network that will eventually disrupt an already existing market and replace an existing product”.

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How to Construct a CV

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The Importance of a CV

Young African beautiful woman having an interview or business meeting with employers. Employers examining her CV and using laptop. White modern office interior

Prestigio would like to help you get shortlisted for the job you want! Here is a short guide to how you can start from scratch and create a professional and appealing CV.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is your most important marketing tool. Use it to showcase your skills, work history, education, and suitability to potential employers. A CV should be clear, direct, and impress the person whose desk it lands on.

A well-constructed CV can be a foot in the door, opening the opportunity for you to be selected out of the many job applicants for an interview.

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