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December 2016

Positive Disruption in South Africa: Part 2

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Defining moments


Critical Mass is defined as 2. an amount necessary or sufficient to have a significant effect or to achieve a result. In South Africa we often see individuals take to the streets to raise their voices to bring attention to an issue affecting them, wanting to be heard and craving change.

Prestigio’s motto is “Potential Unleashed”. Here in South Africa the wealth is in the ‘problems’ that we have yet to creatively solve, and we think individual potential is largely untapped.


Maximizing the Positive

It is exciting to be a part of a dynamic Cause-For-Positive-Change movement. People become aware of “Choice” again. When the potential of positive change gains momentum it enlivens people.

A ‘Social Disruption’ & ‘Entrepreneurial Success’ can both be seen as Innovations. A change in society can be innovative, like-wise, a creative product or service can be innovative. Both require Critical Mass to become a success. Creative Minds with Passion recognise potential where others only see lack. Everyone can be creative in their own way, and everyone can become passionate if they choose so. Unleash Your Potential!

Prepare to be inspired with these three home-grown examples of positive disruption in South Africa.

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The Smartphone as a Tool for Disruption

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Has your Smartphone ever saved your life?


Many of Prestigio’s phones feature Snapdragon’s powerful processors. The makers of Snapdragon decided to draw attention to the amazing technology inside our everyday smart devices. They did this by going to the trouble to write and shoot a 30 minute film that illustrates just this. In the fictional world they created, a man must trace his missing girlfriend aided only by the cell phone she has left behind. “Our lives are in our devices. But is her phone enough to save her life.” is the movie’s tagline. It’s a fun and different perspective on the surprisingly important role tech can play in every day living. Check out the trailer or give the whole film a go.


Endless Possibilities

Beyond any imaginary scenario, real life might be stranger than fiction when it comes to ways in which our phones can save the day and be a powerful disrupter in a surprising amount of situations. Here are some actual and awesome real life examples in ways in which a Smartphone has not only had a positive impact but really can save lives!

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5 Positive RSA Stories within 2016

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Headlines Don’t Shout the Good News Loud Enough


It is unfortunate but true that many headlines are tailored to grab attention and shock with the wildest exclamations. Often they are not cheerful positive news stories detailing the progress made either. It is possible that not enough reporting regarding the people working to effect positive change towards a better future is being made. Research shows that positive news stories increase our confidence in being able to contribute meaningfully to build the future we want!

For this reason, Prestigio wants to focus attention on #PotentialUnleashed and remind everyone of the exciting and hopeful inspiration that abounds here in South Africa. Check out these citizens bringing their ‘A’ game!

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Can You Make Money by Using Your Smartphone?

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Seeing past the Hype


The money-ads are everywhere. Newspaper classifieds, internet sidebars, roadside posters and even or emails claiming of big opportunities to make millions. They boast of quick easy cash, you can earn from anywhere. They declare the simplicity of getting paid the big bucks. The one thing all these money-making-schemes have in common – is that they lie. When something sounds or looks too good to be true, it usually is! Yes, it is pretty safe across the board to make that declaration.

Is it possible to make money using your phone? & How to stay clear of scams that will only cost you time & money?

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