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January 2017

4 Apps for Entrepreneurs

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What’s in your utility-belt?


Entrepreneurs get to be their own boss. Managing the responsibilities can be exciting but at times can feel overwhelming. Getting a handle on all the different things to be done requires mindfulness, a good memory and attention to detail. Don’t risk losing track of things and missing out on profit-earning opportunities.

Check out these four free Apps that can help you as an entrepreneur keep all the details sorted.

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Kickstarter: the story behind the success

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Problems vs. Potential

South Africa is a country ripe with opportunity. We have pressing needs that are demanding solutions and personal initiative. What stops many from putting their business idea into action is a lack of start-up capital. If you have ideas, if you have a plan, if you have the determination, and the passion, read on.

Kickstarter was born to nurture creativity, financially fuel entrepreneurs, and give ideas that lacked funding a forum to gain support! It has grown into a massive success and it might be a tool that you could use as you work and reach for your dreams.

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Start-Ups to Watch in 2017

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Game Changers


Necessity is the mother of invention and the time is ending for Africa to do without. Now is the time for the bold to step up with solutions, bringing the future forward into focus.

Africa faces unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Prestigio thinks these start-ups are potential game-changers. Let’s take a look at four awesome ideas that have been put into practice; to stoke the fires of inspiration!

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