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April 2017

The Wize NV3 Smartphone

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A Wize Decision

RS13676_PNG 600x600The Prestigio Wize NV3 (PSP3537DUO) was released early in 2017. It is an entry-level Smartphone that is competitively priced and now available in South Africa.

In contrast to the growing amount of budget phones marketing themselves as ‘smart’ without providing the capability or power to get the connectivity you need – This device has everything you need and is a genuine smartphone. It comes with excellent features and sturdy capabilities. Prestigio’s Wize competes well with the expensive tier-one brand phones on the market.

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Standing Out with the Help of a Crowd

pexels-photo-167915Crowdfunding is changing the way entrepreneurs, start-ups, and creatives think regarding how to achieve funding. On a global scale Crowdfunding is shaking-up the way things are done by allowing people to put money behind the ideas that they believe in and want to see come to life.


Uniquely South African Crowdfunding Platform

South Africa is an environment rich with opportunities for thinkers who pose alternative and new solutions to address the challenges facing the economically vulnerable and those looking to build a brighter future.

Thundafund is also big on community-building and believes strongly that investing in ideas and those with potential can have far reaching consequences to build a better future!

This is why Patrick Schofield and his team decided to create a Crowdfunding platform unique to RSA named Thundafund. They specifically chose to be business-centred as a clear alternative to ‘charity’ based giving which they didn’t believe led to sustainable enterprises that had the potential to make a real difference that could grow exponentially!

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Prestigio is Proud to support South African StartUps

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Choosing a winner was not easy. Thanks to everyone who entered and participated in our previous Prestigio Tech Giveaway Competition!


Backing a Proudly South African Start Up: 

Pro Kitchens in Durban (KZN)

Prestigio is pleased to detail the winner of our February giveaway. Pro Kitchens is a kitchen remodelling business based in Durban South Africa. Michael Lucas is the proud owner. He and his wife Blanche Lucas are entrepreneurs and small business owners who calculated the risk and decided to go for it! Pro Kitchens won a free Prestigio Tablet.

Starting a business from scratch isn’t easy & there is more than one way to do it. Read below to see how Pro Kitchen’s not only talked-the-talk but are walking-the-walk.

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