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May 2017

Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards show-cased RSA Start-Ups. This is who caught our eye!

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The inspirational Story behind a Successful Business

In keeping with our brand’s mission to support ambitious individuals we eagerly followed the 2017 Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards.

We have great respect for all the innovators and small business owners who have applied and been nominated in their fields during this year’s awards.

Prestigio has chosen one special nominee to be awarded a Prestigio distinction and to receive the prize of a Prestigio Grace Z5 Smartphone to put to use in their business.

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The Prestigio Grace R7 Smartphone

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An Exciting New Level of Smart Tech Luxury

With the release of the Grace R7 Smartphone (PSP7501DUO), Prestigio has taken their reputation for affordable quality to a new level by including exclusive features that make this Smartphone able to compete with any ‘top of the line’ device. The R7 offers all high tech capabilities and a luxurious experience without compromise.

The impressive design features are on display here:

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Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards

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Ground Breakers

Launched for the first time in 2015 The Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards started as an initiative by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development that arose out of consultation with entrepreneurs in over 65 of the province’s local townships.

Their objective is to spur business growth in Township centres.

Every year participants and judges alike look forward to distinguishing a new stand out crowd of winning individuals. If you have a Township business in Gauteng and haven’t entered your eligible Start-Up, take note: it is more than worth it. If you haven’t heard of these awards, read on as they are inspirational!

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Outside the Box

Crowdfunding has paved new pathways to making goals, success, and dreams come true. The term Crowdfunding describes the process of raising capital by gathering contributions from tens, hundreds or even thousands of individual donors. It might be outside the traditional box of how things get funded but it is making a positive impact the globe over!

We have featured Kickstarter as well as Thunderfund, here is another platform worth investigating – Jumpstarter – learn more here.

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