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June 2017

MultiTablet Laptop Fusion

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Welcome to the Future

You no longer have to choose between form and function. The duel between SmartTablets and Laptops has ended with the birth of new all-encompassing devices such as Prestigio’s 2-in-1 solution. The Prestigio’s Visconte V; a high-tech machine giving people the best of both worlds.

The Visconte V offers the size and convenience of a touch screen SmartTablet/MultiTablet perfectly paired with the capability and work-readiness of a laptop and keyboard for a perfect match.

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5 Things I wish someone told me about starting my own business

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It is easy to find online content that hypes being an Entrepreneur or owning your own business. This can be inspiring to read but can steal the spotlight away from the very important task of having your business bases covered.

The way Prestigio encourages entrepreneurship is through education rather than through over-simplified hype.

Being successful is better than only dreaming about it and the road to success is best met with determination, creativity, and preparation. Here are 5 important things worth reflecting on before you quit your day job.

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The Advantages of being a StartUp

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Call your small business what you want because the advantages of being a StartUp, Entrepreneurial Venture, Cottage Business, or Side-hustle remain the same!

If you have an idea but haven’t decided whether or not it is worth pursuing as a StartUp business; check out some of the benefits that are not to be overlooked.

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Internet Speeds Explained Part 1 Deciphering speeds

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In the evolving world of technology it can be difficult to keep up to speed with all the changing terminology and what it means. Mixing that with the reality that internet speeds have proven notoriously difficult to regulate officially and we have a recipe for confusion regarding what speeds are possible, ‘needed’, and what speeds are actually on offer in the market.

Let’s explore how internet speeds are measured, the difference between internet speeds, how these numbers impact the average consumer and how they translate into user-experience.

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