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July 2017

My Start-Up is now Registered, what’s next…

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First Steps First

Congratulations on registering your business.

To give a newly registered Startup the best chance at success one must be calculated and conscientious in building a strong foundation to support future business growth.

Here are some practical things that we think are worth your attention as a new business owner.

Not registered but ready to begin the process? Read our how-to-guide here & 5 Things I wish I was told before starting my own business.

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Managing an online office and team

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Companies around the world are increasingly viewing online teams and working out of the office as options that make good business sense. Businesses can save money on physical infrastructure and many employees are eager to avoid commutes and embrace the ‘flexibility’ of working remotely.

There are clear benefits for both business owners and employees but there is more to managing an online office and team than meets the eye. Here are some crucial elements to include and prioritize before you make the leap.

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Raising more Capital, what are the Options?

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Money: love it or hate it, it can be challenging to live without it. This is especially the case if you are just starting up a new business or at a crucial growth-junction for your small business.

Coming up against the cash-crunch can be stressful and not knowing what the options are can make it even more nerve-wracking.

Contrary to what it may feel like, there are options. Here are some of the ways you can raise more capital.

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Internet Speeds Explained Part II: The Speed of Possibility-What to Expect from Different Internet Speeds

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How much speed is enough?

While advertisers tempt us with impressively high numbers, how fast of an internet connection does an average South African need?

Before signing-up for an expensive monthly plan one must look realistically at how the internet will be used. Things such as how many tasks must be juggled at one time and how many individuals will be connected to the same network – should be considered.

Let’s browse through what’s possible on different speeds of internet on offer.

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