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September 2017

Self-Initiative creates opportunities

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Ask any successful business person and they will tell you that diligent work and keeping an eagle eye out for opportunities has played a major role in their success. It isn’t easy to get started, much less get-ahead, but thankfully we have some amazing examples of driven individuals that made the most of what they had to make the most of it and create positive change.

Here’s three inspiring individuals who used what they had (which was very little) to create a real difference both for themselves and in the world. Each in their own totally unique way!

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Part II: Data-Saving Habits

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Life can get extra complicated and more expensive when data runs outs before the end of your contract cycle. Depending on your service plan, overcharges may apply if you go over your data usage amount or out-of-contract bundles may be priced at a premium. Avoid the hassle by making the amount of data you have work for you without sacrificing connectivity.

Change your device settings. & Adopt these easy data saving habits to ensure you always have enough of the data you depend on.

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Plan on selling your business one day

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Thinking of selling your business?

Ask yourself these 8 questions first.

Preparation is the Key to Success – Alexander Graham Bell

Are you ready to start something new? Curious about what your options are?  Whether or not you want to switch things up, retire, or are hoping that you can make a profit after building your small business from the ground up: Prestigio realizes being an entrepreneur isn’t easy – it has taken diligence and sweat to create your company.

Make sure you’re ready to move on and get the most for your years of hard work by asking these questions before it comes time to sell your business.

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