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December 2017

Unleash the Potential of your Holidays

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This is your time, invest it wisely!

The holidays are on the horizon. Free time is what you’ve been wanting for so long. The question now is how are you going to use your freedom to unleash the potential of your holidays?



Well done on showing up, bringing your best to what this year has thrown at you, and persevering! The time you take to relax this summer season is ‘all yours’. You’ve earned your upcoming holiday. However, before you considering going totally rogue or checking-out completely in your time-off, here’s another perspective to consider:

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Rock New Year’s like a Boss

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New Beginnings

Regardless of how you like to celebrate, this guide will help ensure that you are all set, because you never know what adventures might await you on one of the biggest nights of the year!

Even the mildest New Year’s Eve party can transform into one for the memory books. Spontaneous moments and wild adventures to be remembered are nearly synonymous with New Year’s Eve.

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Prestigio RSA Holiday Competition

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This holiday season Prestigio wants to highlight the positive.

Awesome in Action

Sunny South Africa faces many challenges but remains exceptional. What makes this country great is the vibrant, persevering, down-to-earth, spirit of the people!

This summer Prestigio wants to celebrate awesomeness in action! Good times with great company, extraordinary-ordinary moments and more – in short, the best parts of life.

This competition is about raising our glasses to connecting with each other, the beautiful outdoors, and what’s nourishing about living here in this unique land. Together we can appreciate what brings us closer, instead of what divides.

To enter simply share a photo of what you love doing or what you dig about South Africa. T’s&C’s Apply – see below.

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