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November 2018

How to Travel on a Budget

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Longing of new horizons but feeling that they are out of your reach? Think again!

With creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to improvise you can travel to explore new destinations. Whether you roam close to home or in exotic locales, here is how to go further by making what you have go a long way!

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Travel RSA Landscapes

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South Africa’s scenery is as diverse as its people. South Africa is home to variety natural landscapes, unique ecosystems, and important cultural heritage sites. Beyond the iconic or what’s featured on popular postcards there is so much more to see, to explore, and to feel proud about here in South Africa.

South Africa offers so many changes of scenery it’s impossible to get bored. Let’s take a whirlwind virtual tour and browse through some of South Africa’s most stunning settings.

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Modern Careers outside of the Office

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“The Times They are a Changing”

Once upon a time professional work was defined by cubicles and steel office blocks. This is shifting, thanks to the progression of technology and businesses recognising the functionality of remote-work. Disruptive technology has made us rethink what’s possible and affordable tech that can travel means that we can work from a wide range of environments.

With these modern careers outside the office you can expand your horizons:

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Keep Your Laptop running at Optimum

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All Laptops, no matter the brand name, can get bogged down and slow down if used without regular maintenance. Just like one would maintain a car or clean a flat, laptops require some care and attention too.

To achieve optimum performance from your laptop, try these tips to keep processing speeds as high as possible.

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