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December 2018

Nourish your Mind with Podcasts

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When it’s time to switch gears, podcasts are a great tool to do so. They provide commiseration, motivation, education, humour, advice and more. Each one opens the door into a world outside of our own, drawing connections and giving us glimpses and insight into a range of topics. Reward your curiosity.

Tune in, engage your brain (and maybe even your heart) and find company along this curious experience, we call life.


One for You

From wacky science, to relationships, to advocacy, and managing money there is something for everyone. Here’s listing just a few that are out there:

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The Benefits of Gamification

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Defining Gamification

Gamification is a growing strategy used across the spectrum by educators, employers, businesses, and others. As a concept it involves taking the most engaging and entertaining elements of games (i.e. game-design thinking) and applying them in new ways to teach, motivate, manage, and more.

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The History of Electronic Gaming

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Let the Games Begin

Electronic games are older than you might think. From these humble beginnings, the evolution of Electronic Gaming has grown by leaps and bounds.

Our continued fascination with increasingly complex, dynamic, and intricate 3D virtual worlds where we can play with/against each other, ourselves, and the game itself continues to push the envelope, excite, and drive innovation.

There are now scientific studies touting the Benefits of Gaming & of Gamification!

Let’s explore iconic games and ground-breaking advances since the beginning.

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The Benefits of Gaming

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Life gets busy. Games provide a breather. Gone are the days of unwieldy expensive gaming consoles being required. New technology has made it easier for anyone to game at home or on-the-go. Games aren’t just for the young anymore either. Handheld devices, diverse game options, and increasing gamification at school and work means that more adults are enjoying a wide range of modern gaming options. Not only can games help you relax and take a few minutes for yourself, research shows they may offer some benefits for your brain too!

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