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By February 25, 2019Prestigio

Student Life can be tough, especially so when the academic year begins and responsibilities demand juggling and expert management. Thankfully, the modern student has a tech tools available to them.

Apps designed specifically with Learners in mind can be useful and have positive impact. Apps have the potential to revolutionize aspects of daily Student Life.

The correct App just might be the tech-assistant that facilitates staying on top of academic responsibilities, increasing focus, and cultivating a healthy balance in your life through your academic career. If you have just started post-matric studies, click here.


Apps for Students

Here are Prestigio’s top 5 picks of Apps that can make a difference in how your days and year shapes up and plays out. Each of these Apps is free to download. This means that you can go right ahead and give them a go.




This neat App takes mind-mapping into an entirely new dimension. Xmind is a next-level brainstorming and idea organizational tool. Capture your good idea and see where your creativity transports you to. This App is ideal for exploring possibilities and is designed to graphically map them. Begin here and be surprised how you inspire yourself by what comes to mind and where you can follow it.




The name says it all. This App is especially created for Students to track pretty much everything. From classes to exams to assignments – this virtual planner will send you notifications, reminders, and sync across your devices to keep you at the top of your academic career.

One valuable feature is that it makes your homework ‘unchewable’. By backing your work up to The Cloud you can be confident that the dog can’t get your homework and neither can anything else. This App is an excellent choice for those who are committed to an organized approach to schedule management.


Kyo App


Incorporate beautiful visuals, mindfulness cue’s and meditation reminders into your hectic week. This cool App is all about reminding you to bring Mindfulness to the top of your priority list. One can put in their own prompts or rely on ones provided by the App. It also offers inspiring content from professionals that are experts in their fields.
Kyo’ is an excellent option for those who want to be deliberate in the decisions they make no matter what size they are. Intention has value.

Focus is a precious commodity and can improve your effectiveness and efficiency! Click here to learn how to get more out of the hours within each day.




The power of a well-made list should not be underestimated. The creators of Wunderlist have turned list-making into an electronic art form. Use this App to create, edit and share lists of every kind and size. Receive reminders, comment, invite collaboration, and assign to-do’s that will sync across devices. Wunderlist is perfect for ticking off what needs to happen and making sure nothing gets forgotten or neglected.


Done App


The ultimate ‘get it done’ app for team projects. This project management software can ensure that whatever you are doing gets organized easily, including group assignments. Use it to encourage efficiency and work smarter.

From something simple to those headache-inducing complex group projects. Done App can manage it for you! Get assistance that is easy to navigate, share and report on.

Utilize the app to improve time management, simplify and break jobs into bite size chunks. Streamline group work to eliminate redundancy. Done is the app for taking tasks from being in-progress to all done!

Tip: Be sure to check with your academic institute to see if there are any specific apps offered. More institutions are depending on smart-devices and apps rather than paper-dependent resources.


Prestigio’s Student Advantage

Not sure which device to choose as a tech tool for your academic career? Simply click here to see a useful guide.

Prestigio offers well-priced Smart devices including Smartphones, Tablets, 2-in-1 Smartbooks and a range of laptops. Our devices have a full Google accreditation which guarantees that any App that you want to download will work on your device. We provide functional capable tech that can empower people to unleash their potential.

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