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January 2019

Refocus your Efforts

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What motivates you? External or Internal Validation – most likely a mixture of both? What are you longing to experience more of in your life? Do you feel hemmed in by what you demand of yourself i.e. Is your definition of success causing you pain because it hasn’t been ‘achieved’, or do you feel freedom & adventure in how you explore, learn & grow?

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Solutions for Common Obstacles to Starting a Business

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Small Business; Big Dreams

Now is not the easiest time to be a small business owner. Small businesses must overcome hefty hurdles even in the best of markets. Don’t get mired in thinking your efforts aren’t worth it. Instead get practical advice, consider collaboration and refocus your energy.

Even the most brilliant of ideas don’t simply materialize into successful businesses – they require development, refining, business savvy, and regular nourishment in the form of time and money invested.

Feeling road blocked? Here’s how to get over the hump!

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