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April 2019

Product Focus: S Max PSP7610DUO Smartphone

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Experience Elegance Everyday

Step outside the box and experience elegance. The S Max Prestigio Smartphone is built to impress with a fresh approach to practical luxury. The S Max will enhance what you expect from everyday tech. With sophisticated design outside and quality engineered interior components – this device surprises and delights. Say hello to a first-class Smartphone experience with Prestigio’s new line of powerful Smartphones.

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Adulting 101

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Getting a grip on the increased responsibilities that come with growing-up can be challenging.

Whether it is surviving 1st year student realities, finding a job, or learning how to do life’s necessary admin – tech makes it easier.

Smart Technology connects us to possibilities, enables connecting with communities and makes adulting in all its complexities a little bit simpler. Do you remember life before smartphones?

As a helpful guide; see the following to-do list and apps to make winning at #Adulting a potential unleashed.

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