4 Apps for Entrepreneurs

By January 11, 2017Prestigio

What’s in your utility-belt?


Entrepreneurs get to be their own boss. Managing the responsibilities can be exciting but at times can feel overwhelming. Getting a handle on all the different things to be done requires mindfulness, a good memory and attention to detail. Don’t risk losing track of things and missing out on profit-earning opportunities.

Check out these four free Apps that can help you as an entrepreneur keep all the details sorted.


If your start-up doesn’t have a physical office space, Dropbox can assist. This cloud based storage solution is a great way to connect your remote-team. Organize and keep track of business documents, presentations, and graphics on the easy-to-use Dropbox site.

Team members can work or provide feedback from any location as long as they have internet access. Upload, download, and edit information from your Tablet, Smartphone, or any device with internet capabilities.



Evernote makes keeping track of your ideas and collaborating easier than ever before. With this app you can store personal notes and business notes separately and create folders of notes to share with others. With Evernote you can also embed images and audio too. This makes it a great tool for capturing the creativity from your personal or group brainstorming sessions.

Evernote Business contains expanded options that include phone books, expense tracking, checklists, calendars, and reminders. Notes put into the app from any device will sync across the app. The best thing is that you don’t have to be online to access your files, meaning you can access your info on the go, without chowing data.



Start-ups have it tough sometimes with a limited budget and the inability to invest in expensive software to help with money management. Don’t make the common mistake of not taking accounting seriously! Instead use Wave a smart app that allows you to manage your finances!

Wave is best suited for small businesses with only a few employees. It provides free accounting and Payroll software. It also offers an easy way to send invoices to your customers. Wave is a great way to make sure that your new business keeps its books balanced, so that you can stay stable, and be able to accurately reflect on the financial situation of your start-up.



The way customers interact with business is changing. People increasingly want to know the story behind the product and want to use their purchasing power to support the businesses that they believe in. Communicating with your clients is a marketing strategy that builds loyalty and newsletters are a great way to stay in touch.

Enter MailChimp to manage your email campaigns to customers. MailChimp complies with anti-spam regulations which will aid your mail getting through to your clients inbox. It can collect contacts from your website or social media and then corroborate them to create and organize one integrated recipient email address book.

MailChimp can be used to both design and send newsletters/emails highlighting business news, successes, and latest offerings in a visually-pleasing way. After sending, MailChimp provides data as to who opened your mail etc. This allows you to analyze your market and use the information to best appeal to your demographic.


Technology: A helping hand

Even though you have decided to go it alone as an Entrepreneur, you don’t have to depend only upon yourself. Technology is being constantly developed to help give small business a helping hand.

If you are thinking about making the leap into small-business enterprise or you already have, Prestigio brings you information and the tech that helps make the job of being your own boss, that much easier!

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