Adulting 101

By April 10, 2019Prestigio

Getting a grip on the increased responsibilities that come with growing-up can be challenging.

Whether it is surviving 1st year student realities, finding a job, or learning how to do life’s necessary admin – tech makes it easier.

Smart Technology connects us to possibilities, enables connecting with communities and makes adulting in all its complexities a little bit simpler. Do you remember life before smartphones?

As a helpful guide; see the following to-do list and apps to make winning at #Adulting a potential unleashed.

Get your Money Game On

Determine to own your future by getting savvy with financial fundamentals.

Know the importance of a budget, create a savings account, and remind yourself of the maths behind compound interest. Understanding how interest rates work allows you to be aware of the dangers of loans & debt.

• Register to receive FICA such that you can enter into financial contracts.

Open a bank account. Smart Tech makes banking online easy. Pay bills, move money and receive funds from wherever you are.

Register with SARS & getting your Tax Number such that you are work ready!

• New employee filing tax for the first time? Understand your IRP5 and make filing easier with a guide like this one.



Get down and gritty with cash flow management. Making a budget should include costs for rent, electricity, water, food, transport and airtime. Empower spending and saving by informing yourself of the details of what is going where exactly; this is the essential starting point for taking charge of your financial freedom. Be sure to have a savings account such that you can handle the unexpected, including possible medical expenses.



all of your money in one place with Mint – the app that makes staying on top of where your money is and where your money goes uncomplicated.



spare change and earn! Stash makes investing approachable for beginners and fun! Start today because if Adulting teaches you one thing – it is that time flies and the future gets here faster than one thinks!

*Be wary of any schemes promising quick- or easy- money.



Vote Exercise your voice with the right to vote. Register to vote & be an active citizen in the democratic society.


Choose the Right Adult Habitat

Moving out of the family home or academic accommodation can be daunting. Discover the joy of your own space or the correct shared space with these apps.

Find a room or a room-mate online with websites like,, or
Rent or buy a conducive space with the Property 24 App.


Hone in on Habits

Adult days seem shorter because so much has to be fit into them. Time and attention are valuable commodities. Rock the efficiency game and refuse to be daunted or overwhelmed with help from these awesome apps…

Gamify, have fun and #Adult at the same time with Habitica – the app that gamifies life! Employ it to aid with habit-building and motivation as it turns adult tasks into games! *Read about the Benefits of Gamification here.

Keep calm and download Headspace – the app that offers stress management techniques for healthy living.

Create goals. Knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there so making goals is vital.

Take Action. Setting off can be the hardest part of a journey but there is great importance in taking first step.

Organize everything you have to do – so that you can enjoy what you are doing in the “now”. Todoist gives ultimate ease in making lists, checking them twice, and checking items off them.


Embrace Change

Developing into the person you want to be is a process. Don’t sit back and let the years tick over while you wait for something to happen. Ultimate Adulting is embracing change, determining to reach for your dreams, investing in self-care, and getting back up again when life gives you a knock. Believe in the power of your inherent potential; successful #Adulting equals activating and unleashing it!

Grow yourself with these apps that contribute to building new skills:

Discover that learning never ends with free classes from the Khan Academy, free podcasts that Nurture your mind or documentaries at Documentary Heaven.

Obtain a Learner’s License & Driver’s License if possible – as these assets are great to have and will come in handy. Don’t forget they will require renewal from time to time.

Taste success, even if you’ve never cooked before, with Tasty video instructions and step-by-step guides on Tasty App. Cooking for oneself can be gratifying, healthy and lighter on the budget than eating out or buying prepared meals.



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