Are you tired of being told who to be?

You are more than one-dimensional

Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. Sitting in office on chair.

An image we’ve all seen before: the ‘perfect scene’ shot from above showcasing a laptop, a smartphone parallel to the laptop, a cup of black coffee in an off white mug and a pencil gently resting upon a moleskin notepad. More importantly, what is this image saying? It is saying that to be a member of this club you need to be well organized, something of a hipster (given the coffee shop setting) and somewhat wealthy to afford a trendy-lifestyle. Sure, we could read into this more, like a Rorschach ink blot but…

Are you all of these, any of these or more?

At Prestigio we think you can be and are numerous people all rolled into one. We understand that you at any given time are a father/mother, professional, a joker, a gym goer, social media fundi and sometimes an explorer… we don’t want to tell you who you need to be to own a Prestigio smartphone or tablet. We want you to be you.

Use our tech to express yourself, we certainly don’t want our tech to define you. Sure some people will hold associations to our tech; for instance someone might congratulate you on being tech-savvy instead of being a trend-slave. Then again, not all trends are surface-level-assumptions; the rising trend in the youth recognising the importance of education is one such trend, one that Prestigio will always support.


But what product do you choose?

You do not need to be cool, a hipster or a techy, in fact you can be all or none! But that doesn’t mean you won’t want elements to suite your personality. Admittedly we all have traits and quirks that match our personality, and you want a phone to match. But we don’t dictate as a brand who we want you to be, we want you to choose a phone to match you & your need, and then provide breathing room to change as your outlook on life does. This is Life with Prestigio.


You want an all-round convenient tool to cover a busy business lifestyle?

You need a smartphone to work as your assistant. It needs to be fast, it needs to be functional! Here we recommend the Grace LTE S5 Smartphone.  Fast connection using LTE makes for easy access to information you need right now, plus the quad core processor & 1GB RAM make multitasking a breeze! Slim, sleek & packing a punch … but not in your wallet!


There is a budding social media addict or social media photographer in you?

Look no further than the Muze E3… muse indeed! Not only will you have full smartphone access to the world of information, but you will do it with 5.3 inch display showcasing the stunning photos you just took on the 13MP rear camera. (5MP in the front).

The Muze E3 supports video too, and the processing power makes on-the-move editing & posting a breeze.


You need a solution that allows freedom for the kids to explore the world of smartphones?

Affordability is key when you mention kids. They will drop things, and That being said you don’t want to lose on display or functionality. You need a machine that is easily serviceable, with affordable spares & if the need; for it not to be a deal breaker to wholly-replace. Yes! We at Prestigio have you covered with Wize D3.

A 5inch display will keep their senses entertained & the quad core processor allows them to access to those educational games; facilitating learning & hand-eye coordination development.


You simply know where the best tech/quality deals are!

The Muze E3 is a powerful device delivering ultimate camera functionality but also latest Android Lollipop 5.0 on a 5.3 Inch screen. Where most brands fail is in areas where they withhold functionality to encourage up-selling. Not at Prestigio. We know we have a range of products to suite the tech-head to the toddler and the Muze E3 is designed just for the ambitious individual who knows what they need, & why. Go try find a better deal out there.


At our price point, You Can Change

Life changes, so do your hobbies and your Life. We at Prestigio have created a top quality brand of products that mould with your ever changing Life & lifestyle.

Prestigio adds convenience to your Life. Enjoy the ride without worry, soon you will find Life with Prestigio is all about you. You do not have to be the person other brands tell you to be!

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