Understanding Tech Features of Laptops

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To make the best purchasing decision for yourself

Laptops are the go-to choice for the majority of people today. They can now hold their own against desktop computer models. Paired with their powerful processing abilities, they bring a multitude of additional benefits with them.

What features and can-do capabilities should steer decision-making when it comes time to purchase your first or next device?

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Maintaining the Balance as a Digital Nomad

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The Whole Picture

Working on-the-go requires a fine balance. Epic sunsets, breath-taking vistas, bizarre and/or ‘embarrassing’ / ‘laugh-at-yourself’ moments traveling in foreign lands are all part of the experience if you take work on the road, but only a part of it. The less swoony-worthy moments will happen too. Zig-zagging like some strange zombie with an outstretched device trying to get a signal so you can send that important e-mail, calling the boss in the middle of the night your time because of the time zone differences, working through jet-lag or despite a rumbling upset belly.

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Product Focus: PNT10130 Visconte Ecliptica

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Tablet + Laptop = The Visconte Ecliptica. This two-in-one device comes standard with agile features making it highly functional, capable, and fun! Its transforming powers as an UltraBook allow it to switch easily between a Laptop and Tablet giving you the best of both worlds.

• Enjoy as a Tablet with a HD touchscreen and portability.
• Maximize efficiency as a Laptop by plugging-in the keyboard and become instantly ready to power through your daily tasks.
• Perfect for those who require a portable work & entertainment device.

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