Can You Make Money by Using Your Smartphone?

By December 9, 2016Prestigio, Smartphones

Seeing past the Hype


The money-ads are everywhere. Newspaper classifieds, internet sidebars, roadside posters and even or emails claiming of big opportunities to make millions. They boast of quick easy cash, you can earn from anywhere. They declare the simplicity of getting paid the big bucks. The one thing all these money-making-schemes have in common – is that they lie. When something sounds or looks too good to be true, it usually is! Yes, it is pretty safe across the board to make that declaration.

Is it possible to make money using your phone? & How to stay clear of scams that will only cost you time & money?

Legitimate ways to earn income using your Smartphone

Prestigio knows it can be challenging to sift through the touting online schemes, let’s cut through the hype to answer the following.

The reality is that diligent work, original ideas, innovation, wise financial planning and solid business plans help build a firm financial future for you! These get-rich quick headlines are actually sophisticated scammers, doing their best to trick you out of money or time that you could be putting towards creating your own success.

Yes, it is possible to make money with your Smartphone. But think of small modest payouts, rather than huge lumps of money falling into your lap. The ways to use your Smartphone as a cash creator are more classic than you might think.

Here are three ways.

  1. Professional Survey Taking

A popular Micro-Job is taking surveys for companies. Although it is unusual to make more than $15 USD a month doing this, some find the bit of extra cash or rewards they get a fair trade as they actually enjoy expressing their opinion. One popular free app for this is I-Say.


  1. Be a Shutter-Bug

Another innovation is the free-download app FOAP which purports to be the future of stock photography. The App uploads the Photographs you take to their site where they can be purchased by businesses big and small. A standard purchasing fee exists for each shot or if you feel really ambitious you may be able to get more for your photos by chasing down specifically requested shots. Be sure to take into account your data-costs for uploading.


  1. Coupons & Money Back {Saving not earning}

The rise of the money-back app is just beginning in South Africa, but is already flourishing in other parts of the world. Snap and Save is a recent free app launched and covers retailers such as Woolworths and Pick-n-Pay, among others.

Here is how it works

  • Download the free app to your Smartphone
  • Check the ‘special’s (this list changes often and covers groceries, home goods, etc.)
  • “Reserve” any coupons you would like to use with an easy click.
  • Go shopping within 48 hours
  • Save your slip.
  • Take a photo of the slip (that shows the purchased item) with the App
  • The app then credits you with the savings amount of the coupon in Rand.
  • Your savings can be spent at grocery stores, coffee shops and more.

Ps. Make sure you don’t get influenced to by items not only list or things you wouldn’t usually purchase. To truly save you must stick to what’s on your shopping list already.


Red Flags: Helping you Stay Safe Online

In the world of free apps and money-making-schemes beware of scammers. These red flags mean you should not only be aware, you should back away!

Never Ever

  • Pay to participate! Companies ought to pay you for micro-jobs not the other way around!
  • Pay for access to lists, directories, certifications, placements, etc.
  • Send a money order or cash a check for anyone online. Ever!

Be Cautious, Do your own Research and Listen to your Instincts!


Be Aware and before you get excited about an online earning scheme make sure you

  • Have looked for any possible hidden fees.
  • Have read and paid attention to the fine print i.e the terms & conditions.
  • Can access & use your ‘rewards’ or payment!
  • Are not wasting money on products you do not usually buy already.
  • Are not spending more than you are earning.

Remember time is money! Some schemes may offer minuscule compensation that they simply are not worth your while. Your time could be better used, pursuing opportunities that are financially sustainable!

It is important to consider the cost of your data-usage versus the amount of pay, otherwise you could be working at a loss.


A Dependable Device to Count On

Prestigio believes that your Smartphone or device can be a powerful tool to help you shape your future and unleash your potential. We think technology can be used for good. Our article on 5 free apps to Help You Get the Job and How to Construct a CV show how tech can assist in a modern way when looking to find a traditional job.

If you want to work outside a brick and mortar office; explore possibilities in consulting, life-coaching, freelance writing, or blogging. These are all examples of occupations that can be facilitated from wherever you are, thanks to Smart devices.

Prestigio is the phone that enables you to unleash your potential. Just because most online money-making-schemes are scams doesn’t mean that you can’t invent a way to legitimately earn money from your smartphone – just think of how profitable Apps can be!

We encourage you to push the limits and get creative with your Smartphone to generate success in your life. Tell us how your Smartphone is ensuring your potential is unleashed.

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To Note: The above article is not to be taken as Financial Advice, it is merely meant to be informative & entertaining.