Adulting 101

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Getting a grip on the increased responsibilities that come with growing-up can be challenging.

Whether it is surviving 1st year student realities, finding a job, or learning how to do life’s necessary admin – tech makes it easier.

Smart Technology connects us to possibilities, enables connecting with communities and makes adulting in all its complexities a little bit simpler. Do you remember life before smartphones?

As a helpful guide; see the following to-do list and apps to make winning at #Adulting a potential unleashed.

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What to Consider as a Student choosing a SmartTech device

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Decisions, Decisions!

Technology unlocks possibilities. Locking in on the correct choice to meet your needs will connect you to a wealth of online resources, tools and more to streamline work and facilitate play. A quality trustworthy device should last till graduation and beyond. Your tech device should be pleasant to use, that way you make the most of it.

When choosing the optimal device for the demands of Student Life here are some things to consider:

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1st Year Student Realities

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Setting-off and starting your post-matric educational studies is an exciting, daunting, and amazing time in your life. No matter what type of secondary education you’ve decided to pursue it’s likely to hold moments of joy, experiences of disappointment, and plenty of challenges.

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