Celebrating the Diversity Within Us

By October 9, 2018Prestigio

Imperfectly Perfect

Every human being is a unique. As multi-faceted individuals all personalities contain what might appear to be contradictions &/ paradoxes. A closer look ensures that these don’t disqualify our talents, skills, strengths, or what we bring to the table.

In fact, embracing our depth can allow us to confidently bring our positives to the table. This applies in our family relationships, our social and professional networks, and even our community at large!

The more one lets go of boxing others in, the more we can take each person as they come. Instead of labeling, judging, or buying into stereotypes we can choose to be curious!


Curiosity is Courage!

One never knows about what it is like to be another unless we ask and listen! Maybe your Mathematics Teacher or the Accountant you know has a creative side and they compose music or paint in their off-time? Maybe your friend who always looks like a million bucks is actually struggling with insecurity? Maybe being honest about who you are dating or who you want to date would cause commotion within your family? Maybe you have a dream that no one would ever guess and you haven’t dared to say aloud yet? We could have parents from different backgrounds & as their children celebrate all the cultures that we have inherited. We adapt in South Africa, we work with what is & make the most of it.

Allow yourself & others to be dynamic!


Beautiful Differences

Prestigio celebrates individuality, diversity, and our differences. Instead of separating us, the wild beauty of uniqueness can be used to bring us together. Not shying away from celebrating our diversity allows us to appreciate our fellow human beings. It adds to the scope of how we view the world and expands what we think is possible for ourselves!

Learning new things about others and paying attention to the light and the shadow in our own personalities allows us to harness our differences to become stronger together.

South Africa is a new country not far divorced from her painful past. Living here requires fortitude and adaptability. Real living is not about blasé homogeny. It is about:

• Engaging with each other to learn and grow
• Experiencing ups & downs and successes & setbacks
• Exploring and trying new things
• Discovering new passions



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