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By January 21, 2019Prestigio

Solutions to answer the ‘where to work from’ question are becoming more versatile. The move away from committing to a full-time, all-yours office space purchase or rental has led to an array of turn-key office solutions. These are especially well suited to Start-ups founders, Small Business creators, Freelancers and Creatives.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of a Co-working Space, the time too is now.

Why Share an Office?

Researchers have coined the term ‘Collaboration Generation’ to describe the shift towards and growing popularity of shared work spaces.

Co-working Spaces provide a host of practical and technological benefits but that’s not all. Most significantly, science is demonstrating they present advantages when it comes to motivation, mental performance and productivity. These gains ought not to be discounted as they might be the edge that you need in today’s challenging markets.


5 Reasons to Consider Working from a Shared Space


Inspiring Environments:

Design matters. Well curated spaces spark creativity. Workspace flow can contribute to efficiency and even boost job satisfaction & productivity.


Professional & Tech Assets:

Co-working Spaces contain super-fast business-grade internet plus printers, scanners, and the entire scope of tech essential to power big ideas. They have savvy meeting rooms for contract pitches & proposals, conferences and interviews etc. all the best aspects of a traditional workplace without the exclusive-rent-rate, pressure to conform, or rigid rules and expectations.


Build Community:

A massive factor in the allure of shared workspaces is the ability to build and be a part of a vibrant and growing community of professionals.

Join fellow big-thinkers, risk-takers, and those working for more than just the status quo. The beauty of a shared workspace is that you can interact on your own terms, socializing is not compulsory.

Collaboration can be a massive asset to your endeavours, learn more here



Freedom is just another word for deciding what ‘like a boss’ means for your workday. Just because a social and professional networking opportunity is inherent within shared workspaces doesn’t dictate how you have to work. Network & Connect, when, where, and how you want.

Need to put in long-hours, do it! Need to meet up with refrigerator repair person or visit Auntie in hospital, do it! Shared work spaces provide flexibility. Membership translates into access when you need it. Be there when you want to or when work requires it but there’s no need to feel trapped there “clock watching” – with smart tech you always have a variety of options.



Cultivate a sense of meaning in your professional life and discover a secret ingredient of success. Co-working Spaces serve as a nucleus for like-minded people to ‘get it done’. Exercise your independence yet still avail yourself to support resources on an as-needed basis. The buzzing hive of a Co-working Space can energize & add a sense of legitimacy to business ventures.


Where? Check these kicking Coworking Spaces in RSA

• JoziHub [] • Nomads & Co [] • SLOW in the City []

Cape Town
• Workshop 17 [] (2 locations in CPTWN, 3 in Jozi, 1 in Paarl)
• Inner Cities Cartel House [] • Seedspace []

• The Foundry []

Port Elizabeth
• The Co-op []


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Not ready for the jump to an office space yet? If a Co-Working space is not suitable at this time. Consider a Digital Office or explore networking on LinkedIn.

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