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By April 10, 2019Prestigio

Online communities serve as great resources whether at school, at work or at play. Becoming a part of something bigger than yourself can be wonderful experience. Smart technology delivers the power of possibilities within the global community into your hands. Get online and search for existing groups or start your own!

Advantages of a Group

• Share skills & resources
• Problem-solve
• Brainstorm
• Collaborate
• Stimulate creativity
• Receive feedback
• Find like-minded people
• & more


Good GroupChat Governance

Regardless of whether you join an existing group, start your own or partner with others to create a group – keeping the following in mind will contribute to making it a great experience:

Safety: No matter what the topic, all groups should be respectful. The Group Admin should be clear about what won’t be tolerated and respond promptly to security breaches, disrespect or threatening behaviour.

Ground Rules: Let group members know what is expected; i.e. content ought to be relevant, political content is/is not permitted, no one member or subgroup ought to become dominant, no bullying, etc.

Focus: Group Admin should monitor content and intervene when appropriate. If a group becomes a data-drain due to irrelevant notifications and never-ending distractions – its survival becomes threatened as people will want to leave the group. Thoughtful leadership will prevent this and assist the group in achieving objectives.

Practice Etiquette: Keep aware of what is considered good etiquette in group forums. Practice it and encourage it in groups you administrate. A little bit of consideration goes a long way to build good relationships!

Learn as you Go: Whether joining groups as a member or creating groups – the process will be one of trial and error.

Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go to plan. Consider feedback, amend when appropriate and refine your approach as you go along. This will ensure that you get the most possible from community connections wherever they are in the world.


Free Communication Apps

While WhatsApp is well-known; check out this selection of excellent alternative apps able to serve a variety of group needs. From work partnerships, study groups, bartering communities, or safety forums; these tech tools facilitate group communication.

Zoho Cliq [] Ideal for participating in multiple chats simultaneously. Zoho Cliq’s format allows for multiple chats to be open at the same time. It also has a broadcasting i.e. streaming feature that can be ‘tuned’ into.

Slack [] This powerhouse app is perfect for collaboration with groups you are connecting with. With features galore it lives up to its tag line of being a “hub for teamwork”.

Telegram [] This cloud-based messaging system allows access from across multiple devices. Host groups of up to 200,000 and it has numerous moderation tools and stellar security features – making it an excellent choice for hosting large groups and creating secure conversation channels.

Signal [] Another free app for the security-conscious user. Privacy is paramount to Signal Code Writers as they include multiple high-level encryption. Users can also set time limits for when messages will self-destruct. Signal can be used to make phone calls too.

Voxer [] A ‘walkie-talkie’ i.e. push-to-talk (PTT) app that focuses on voice communication. Free for individuals & it can host groups of up to 500. Great for those that don’t like typing.

Kik [] This app is popular with teenagers and young adults. Search by topics or subjects and find the community you want to participate in. Be aware this app has come under scrutiny for perhaps providing too much anonymity, so be security conscious while using it!

Viber [] An app providing messaging and calls. On Viber one can build and manage online communities with as many members as you’d like.

Discord [] The Discord App has a messaging service, conversation channels, but includes the unique option for always-on voice channels. Mute your mic or chime-in on conversations to talk to anyone on the team whenever you like. Discord is geared toward gamers but could be a great asset for the remote office.

Group Me [] This app functions like a private chat room for any group you create. It can even send messages via SMS to those who don’t have the app.

Flock [] Aimed at increasing productivity in the office, the Flock app is great for teamwork. It helps integrate tools, organize schedules and communications, and has functions specifically for making co-worker communication easier.


Prestigio: Connect & Communicate

Prestigio offers well-priced SmartTech that allows you to connect with the Global Online Community. We are Google Certified, which means that any android app on Google Play is guaranteed to work on all of our devices. Utilize our capable technology to connect within your community, outside of it, or to create a new circle.

Be the change you wish to see in the world; start a constructive community initiative & bring people together. Create connections and be empowered to make positive change happen from right where you are at today. With Prestigio, you don’t have to wait.

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