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By June 17, 2016Prestigio

Decisions that Unleash Potential


Staying connected has never been more important and is facilitated by the smartphones and tablets we choose. The inflated prices of some tier 1 brands can leave an up-and-comer feeling backed into a corner. Going into debt or trying to make do with nothing while you save is unwise; as both will cost you opportunities!

Don’t let yourself, your business, or your access be limited. Get outside the box and entertain the idea of Prestigio, a tech solution that makes a difference.

Prestigio offers first class tech products at prices that won’t put you into a tailspin. We work diligently to ensure you have access to the right-sized & easy-to-use devices; which have all the functionality, tools & apps that you need to level the playing field!

Get in the game without sacrificing capability or compromising on sleek design styles. The choice of Prestigio will help you get ahead.

With devices priced fairly and offering everything you need, we invite you to do the sums and see what equations are possible when you make Prestigio your X factor.

Don’t sink your money into an overpriced tablet or smartphone. Instead choose Prestigio and then reinvest your cash into making your dreams comes to life. Calculate the Possibilities!

Something for Everyone


Keeping your cash flow mobile is an important part of giving your business the wings to soar. Rethink costly tech with limited weak warranties. Prestigio offers a two year warranty on all of its devices and will allow you to achieve without tying up your budget. Reinvest your savings to grow your business. Think about expanding or starting a new marketing campaign to let me people know that your business is ready to compete and is worth noticing. Consider hiring a consultant to lend an expert hand with your business plan or logo design. What about hiring additional staff to give your business the boost it needs. Imagine being able to equip your sales team with smartphones…


Just starting out? Whatever you see in your future, chances are that you have dreams that are bigger than your budget. Choose wisely with Prestigio to get your best foot forward. Use the extra cash towards securing your spot at varsity, getting a place of your own, buying a set of wheels or make sure yours stays yours by paying it off timeously. Maybe you just want a break after the diligent work you put in to achieving your matric certificate. Prestigio will save you enough to make your Matric-vac a reality.

Perhaps, Life is really challenging at the moment; creating security of employment, food, clothes and a home are the top priorities; & you are having to establish your Life as an adult now! Prestigio is here to help you not only to survive but to thrive!


You have a challenging but rewarding responsibility, known as a child! Juggling the multiple roles and intricacies that accompany being a parent is quite a learning curve. Prestigio can enable you to stay connected and make sure the school fees still get paid! Choosing Prestigio can mean that you don’t have to share your device with your teen or toddler but rather have your own i.e. at our pricing; you could afford to purchase 2 of our devices whereas with tier 1 brands you might only be able to afford 1.

Prestigio devices host all the apps you could want, whether educational games for your little ones, Kindle for yourself, or SuperSport to stream the games. Prestigio’s fair pricing structures enable you to provide the tech for each of your children, rather than having them fight over your device!


The old adage of a starving artist is not always far from the truth. If you are an artist or a creative freelancing professional you know that the struggle of engaging in your craft while paying the bills can be tough. Prestigio can free up more time for you to do what you do best –create! All the while keeping you connected to clients and/or galleries to make sure your art finds its audience and let’s potential clients see what you offer whether that be freelance writing or commissioned paintings. Free up some budget with Prestigio & invest in the tools of your trade!


Prestigio is for Lovers too. When you choose to buy wise, you free up the funds to treat your special someone to something sweet. Whether that is a date-night that has been postponed because the budget has been tight lately, or the romantic getaway your relationship needs to spark the fire; is up to you.

If you are just starting out in love and ready to take it to the next level; Prestigio can facilitate saving the money you need to put a ring on it, settle your lebola, pay for a white wedding, or be in the best place to welcome your first child.


Prestigio is the choice that brings all the possibilities closer to where you are, NOW!!!

With a wide range of tech that feature the specifications required in a device to be relevant & functional in our world today, at an affordable price, choosing Prestigio frees up cash for other investments.

Prestigio offers a 2 year warranty so you do not have to worry about our quality. With service centres in South Africa you won’t need to send your phone or tablet overseas in the unlikely event that something does happen. This will keep your offline time to a minimum.

With everything to offer and nothing to compromise, start your relationship with Prestigio today!

Prestigio is more than just a safe choice; it is the intelligent decision.

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