Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards show-cased RSA Start-Ups. This is who caught our eye!

By May 12, 2017Prestigio

The inspirational Story behind a Successful Business

In keeping with our brand’s mission to support ambitious individuals we eagerly followed the 2017 Gauteng Township Entrepreneur Awards.

We have great respect for all the innovators and small business owners who have applied and been nominated in their fields during this year’s awards.

Prestigio has chosen one special nominee to be awarded a Prestigio distinction and to receive the prize of a Prestigio Grace Z5 Smartphone to put to use in their business.

Prestigio’s pick for 2017’s winner is

Nyembe Waste Management Ltd.

Millicent Nyembe is a proud female business owner, entrepreneur and inspiration – a testament to the South African spirit! As a young woman she completed her matric and found initial employment as a tea-lady. Always looking to advance her professional career & working experience she soon took a new job working for a company that cleaned-up crime scenes. After a couple of years of learning the business she was able to recognize a gap in the market. She saw a shortage of companies available to remove the hazardous medical waste away from the scenes. She started pragmatically by researching her idea. Next she created both a business and a marketing plan. Finally in 2012 Nyembe Waste Management opened for trading!

In the beginning her business faced many challenges. She lacked capital to buy a vehicle for the business and had to pay costly rental fees, she borrowed money from her Mom and fought for over six months before she scored her first client contract. Since then she continues to build her company from strength to strength by utilizing good business practices and making the most of the mentorship opportunities she has been offered. She has successfully created township job opportunities for others and is now able to employ local staff. Dozens of local business’s now depend on her to provide valuable cleaning and collection services.

Providing a Unique Service

Nyembe Waste Management Ltd is a registered Hazardous Waste Transporter. They provide cleaning and decontamination services for morgues, ambulances accident scenes, and crime scenes. They also transport medical waste of all types including sharps such as used needles and razors.

The work of this RSA Start-Up deals with the messier aspects of life. Many of us may avoid thinking about the scenarios in which this business’s services are required. Not Ms. Nyemba though!

Her astute observation, critical thinking, and business skills allowed her to capitalize and turn the oversight of others into profit and job creation. She is building a better future for herself and the people she employs while providing a much-needed service at the same time.


Congratulations Nyembe Waste Management (Pty) Ltd

Prestigio wants to highlight these wise practices. We approve of Nyembe Waste Management’s work because they have:

  • Incorporated additional training and education to improve their service delivery, operations, and client relationships.
  • Overcome numerous challenges from a difficult starting point.
    Continue to face down obstacles and seek ways to improve their company.

We commend the Ms. Millicent Nyembe for her ingenuity, innovation, perseverance, and diligent work! She has truly taken trash and turned it into cash.


Online Presence Matters!

Nyembe Waste Management Ltd is a Start-Up rarity in that it has recognized and incorporated the valuable asset of online presence into their business offerings. In the modern world getting connected and having an online presence is a vital way to find potential clients, increase business visibility, and provide further information to prospective customers.

Nyembe Waste Management is one of the only Gauteng Township Entrepreneur finalists who have truly put an effort into creating and maintaining an online presence.

Other companies vying for attention in today’s crowded and volatile marketplace could learn from how Nyembe is going about getting themselves ‘out there’ and noticed! We noticed them and it has earned them free technology to capitalize on their company goals!

Find their well-designed professional website here. They are active on Facebook too. Millicent Nyembe has an active Linkedin profile here.


Prestigio Rewards Diligence!

Prestigio is proud to award a Prestigio Grace Z5 Smartphone to Nyembe Waste Management! These free technological device can be used to keep building the business’s strengths. Provide and enhance:

• Internet connectivity
• GPS directions for finding scenes and clients
• Connectivity for keeping online presence active and updated
• SIM card capabilities for contacting clients and employee’s
• Email for providing information to potential clients
• Track tasks & achievements
• Document creation for accounting and invoicing
• Financial planning
• HR tracking and personnel accountability


Prestigio: Backing Your Success

Prestigio is invested in your success & that is why we back RSA businesses! Our goal is to provide affordable technology that doesn’t require compromise. We offer the option to buy a device that is capable, well-designed, and has all the functionality you require. Whether you are a student, a parent, a Start-Up entrepreneur, or an artist, we want you to find your way and reach for your dreams.

Choose Prestigio and let us back your diligence!

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