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Everyone speaks Smartphone! Truth is, there are only two real colloquial languages today: IOS & Android, and if you can speak one, you can converse happily in the other. That being said Android is by far the most openly used, and growing smartphone language in the world. And what a world Android opens for you! That is if you own a smartphone…

Getting connected is the key, & Prestigio is the brand making this happen! Your Life, you love life, your business & connectivity all rely, today, on being connected. Join the Prestigio revolution & start writing your own story, creating your own legacy.

Prestigio is Style

The key to getting ahead is getting noticed, for the right reasons. Be it by setting the trend or going against the grain, it doesn’t matter; the youth are constantly reminded today that you need to be out-of-the-box to get noticed, when in reality the individuals getting noticed are those stylish few who remain connected, loyal & in-touch with their surroundings. Let’s play out a Prestigio scenario. You choose, option A or option B: who gets noticed?

Option A – you overhear a girl complaining about getting home safely. You offer to buy her a drink while she waits for the Uber you’ve just ordered her. You pay with Snapscan for the drink, swop numbers & connect on Facebook in the 5 minutes it takes for Uber to arrive.

Option B – you overhear a girl complaining about getting home safely. You have to head outside to make a call to the directory, then get a taxi company number (without being able to read any online reviews) only to be told it’s a 45min wait. You rush back inside only to find she’s about to leave in an Uber, and although she thanks you for your help – you didn’t quite get the opportunity to connect.

Option A wins, right?! Right! The problem is the cost barrier to access is so huge. Not anymore, Prestigio lets you bring your style with Android smartphone tech at cost effective prices.  Find out what Prestigio is all about in our launch article.


Prestigio is Connection

Connection & being connected is the reality of the modern world. Do you want to take the next steps toward owning your future, you business future or your ambition? Life with a Prestigio smartphone means this:

  • You are never out of the conversation – in years gone by we had to watch the news to stay abreast of important local & international headlines, today we simply connect to the Internet, follow via social media or access news directly via apps. You are never without opinion, and you will always be ready with an informed intellectual opinion!
  • You always have access – payment gateways & online banking give you safe & secure access to your money. Specific apps provide access to editing tools; from photos to text to PowerPoint. Prestigio smartphones are the key that unlocks unlimited access to get you noticed.
  • You are always connected – 3G connections & WiFi means the changing world is at your fingertips and you can change with it. Better yet you can become the change! Too good to be ignored, with Prestigio.
  • You can share – using your smartphone you can show, share & highlight the driven & ambitious person you are. Direct access to photos, videos & social media, not to mention your address book of phone numbers. With Prestigio you are on the map, in-the-know & ready to collaborate.


The Prestigio Benefit

Speaking the language Android & smartphone has never been easier. Take advantage of the advantage that Prestigio provides you.

By simply taking your Prestigio smartphone from you pocket will get you noticed for the right reasons, you’ll have the air of new subtle cool, be connect with the latest tech and have some spare cash for opportunities that tier 1 brands don’t afford you.

Stay connected with Prestigio for tips & tricks, special offers from our official online partners at and more ideas for you to become the solution South Africa needs.  We’ve noticed you, unleash your potential!

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