How Important is Brand to You?

By June 17, 2016Prestigio

Purchasing Power

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Customers are given an astounding range of options when it comes to technology and consumer goods, albeit it can feel like a pricy-hurdle is always included in the fine print. How do you spend your purchasing power? How important is brand to you in what you decide to buy?

Do you overlook options and choose purely on brand?

Many people choose what to buy based on brand popularity alone. To get the tier 1 brand that everyone else has, they often pay over-inflated prices. Other brands offering comparable quality and capability can be easily overlooked. With technology, some people are willing to settle for less flexibility, a shorter warranty, or paying for unsupported accessories just to obtain the status symbol of owning the logo of a well-known and recognized brand name.

Often, it is not because people are logo & trend slaves but simply that expensive brands have the capital for expensive outbound marketing which drowns out the organic start-ups & innovative solutions created by those who understand that there is room to be more affordable.

Prestigio is not as big and well-known as the Tier 1 companies but we offer products which are just as competitive!


Remember that the biggest brands in the world today were not all born big with capital backing, just like us they started small!

Nike is one example; as they have built a global reputation of innovative, stylish and quality sports apparel and shoes. When they first started they produced the same great quality but charged consumers a fraction of the price. As they were unknown they could not afford to overcharge customers. The cost of a pair of Nike’s has not risen because of natural inflation; it has ballooned because of the brand’s star power. Is it possible to choose a different brand and still buy quality? Of course, but some people may be unwilling to forgo having the swoosh symbol on their sport wear even if it means having to pay more.

Starbucks is another fantastic example of starting small and transforming into a global name based on consistent quality and good customer service. Two teachers and a writer started Starbucks in 1971. It was not an immediate success and they had to borrow more than their initial investment to keep it running. It has grown from those humble beginnings to a top ranked Fortune 500 company, boasting coffee shops all around the world. In early 2016, the famous coffee shop came to the African continent and now has a store in Sandton, Johannesburg.


Enter Prestigio !

Being a Trend-Setter means not going with the group. It means making choices based on what your needs are, not only what is most popular at the moment.

Prestigio is the new kid on the block! As we are starting out, we want to win you over with products that suit your individuality and help you get connected and ahead.

Our commitment to quality means that we offer a 2 year warranty on every device we sell. We have a South African service centre so that your device can be serviced in a timely manner if any need does arrive.

We offer protective accessories at affordable prices, our ‘fine’-print is attractive rather than concealed.

Stand out with Prestigio

Prestigio believes that by choosing our brand, you are making a statement! We recognize this and respect the trust you exercise when you decide to stand out with your Prestigio device. From our side we will work diligently to show you that your loyalty is well placed with us!

Be one of the bold! Buck the trend! Go beyond the brands you know and buy Prestigio.

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