How to Choose a Smartphone

By June 20, 2016Smartphones

Know Before You Buy a Smartphone

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Making a choice about what capabilities and functions you want or require in your tech can be difficult or overwhelming. Knowing what is important to you is vital to ensuring the device you purchase will suit your needs. This means taking into account ‘what’ you will most commonly be using your device for, as well as your individual preferences and particulars that may affect the ‘how’ you use your device. Considering these factors will help you buy tech that is right for you.

To help identify important things to know before buying tech, try answering the below questions.

Q: How often do you drop your phone?

If you are a person who handles your phone or tablet with care; then a smooth surface and ultimate slim & sleek shape may suit you. However, if you find yourself using your device on-the-go or sharing it with children or others who might not be gentle with it; then consider a thicker phone with a textured surface to improve grip ability and decrease your chance of dropping it.

Prestigio believes that protecting your phone should not cost a fortune.

That is why we have a wide range of affordable, ergonomic and well-designed covers and cases for our products. These options include rubber cases with bumpers suitable for the most accident prone to sleeker appearances which offer additional protection without bulk. They range from basic black to eye-catching neon; so it is easy to personalize & choose what suites you.

Prestigio also offers excellent value in durable screen protectors which we have priced within reach at R50. Don’t let your phone’s protection take a backseat because your budget has been used up on overpriced tech.


Q: Could you replace your phone or tablet if it was stolen or if it was lost?

Unfortunately, phones do get lost and stolen; and if you depend on your device daily to organize your life or business, its disappearance could wreck havoc.

Take the cost of replacing your device into your decision making process.

Prestigio offers a well-priced range of devices, which unlike some Tier 1 brands, are far more affordable to replace in the regrettable circumstance that they disappear.


Q: How frequently do you charge or have access to charging facilities for your phone or tablet?

If you lack access to charging your phone on the go or are often out of reach of charging facilities; battery charge and recharge times are important. Don’t get put in a bind by a battery that runs out to fast for your needs!

Prestigio’s Multiphone 5430 carries an excellent two-day charge with moderate use. Prestigio also offers affordable external Powerbanks to help guarantee that your device is up and running when you are!


Q: How often do you use your device to make video calls or send voice notes / messages?

The number of programs and apps one can use to call colleagues, friends and family using an internet connection rather than traditional phone time are increasing and so is their popularity. If you communicate in this way make sure your next device-purchase does not limit your style, the microphone & speaker-mode need to be up to standard & you need to ensure that the device runs your choice app perfectly! Imagine getting a new device that does not allow you to use the communications-app that you & your friends use!

Prestigio tech offers great video quality capabilities combined with quality speakers and microphones so that you can make yourself seen and heard!  Prestigio also has a variety of affordable and stylish listening accessories including wireless speakers to help you make sure you get what you need.


Q: Do you love discovering and trying new Apps?

If you are eager to find new apps whether they are to just enjoy, help with organizing your fitness routine, or meet necessary business needs then it is important that the tech you purchase can be a platform to use them from. Don’t lose out on the Apps you love by buying a device which will not allow them to run.

Prestigio’s devices all run off an Android interface which means that your Apps will run too! In fact Prestigio is the only non-Tier 1 brand which can boasts of a Google endorsement. This means that Google guarantees Apps from its store will run on a Prestigio device.


Q: Do you currently carry two phones for two separate uses?

These days, it is not uncommon to have both a work and a personal phone. When deciding on what to buy next, contemplate the option of a phone with dual SIM capabilities. This means convenience. Choosing dual Sim could eliminate the extra expense of maintaining two phones and allows you to enjoy the freedom and efficiency of having one phone that suits your needs.

You might be comfortable using 2 separate phones, you like turning the one off while the other is taking priorty; no distractions from work & no work-related calls/emails interfering with your out-of-office time. However, do you know how many versatile options our dual SIM devices offer, you might just get to keep your way in a simpler way.

Prestigio offers phones with dual SIM capabilities at prices you can afford. Make sure the tech you choose can do what you need it too! Knowing what you need will help make you make the best choice about which device is a great match for you!


Why consider Prestigio?

At Prestigio we believe that you should not have to compromise what you need in your tablet or smartphone due to economics. We create devices that come with functionality, capability, and the accessories for agility because we understand that Everyone needs to grow & unleash their potential.

Owning Prestigio throws the doors of possibility wide open; so that when opportunity comes knocking it sees the power of your true potential!

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