How to Travel on a Budget

By November 22, 2018Prestigio

Longing of new horizons but feeling that they are out of your reach? Think again!

With creativity, adaptability, and a willingness to improvise you can travel to explore new destinations. Whether you roam close to home or in exotic locales, here is how to go further by making what you have go a long way!

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A Single Step, Starts Journeys

Instead of putting off travel until you can afford an epic round-the-world voyage or trip on the Orient Express, just don’t. Decide to “get-out” or “away” and then do it!

If travel is completely new to you then perhaps begin with a day trip. If you’re a seasoned-hand – plan something that inspires you or lands you outside your usual preferences!

Choosing to start now, right from where you are can be empowering.

Fight discontent or Insta-envy by cutting the excuses. Put together a plan today to ensure that you won’t forgo the fun of travel and adventure all together just because your ultimate trip isn’t possible right now.

Make the most of what is within your reach now by starting small and stepping out!


Adventure, Adventure, Everywhere!

Want to know a secret? Adventure doesn’t reside ‘out-there’, or especially far-flung destinations, or even in ticking-off bucket lists. Adventure lives nearby. Where you live! Adventure is always just around the corner.

Adventure is an approach to life. It comes to those who are looking for it, those who are open to finding it, and even those rare individuals who just insist on making their own!

Stretching a budget means not insisting on packing every over-reviewed, over-priced, “recommended” activity into the trip. Travel cheaper by assessing what you think you need to have a good time as well as leaving room for the unscheduled and spontaneous. How this looks is as individual as you are! Maybe it means having a flask of instant coffee in the square, instead of a laté an expensive trendy bistro, maybe it means camping for the first time, maybe it just means making yourself available for a conversation with a stranger. The possibilities are endless! Travellers who are poised for the unexpected may find adventure rises to meet them. Travellers available to engage in the “now” might find a wealth of treasure that doesn’t cost a rand.


Pick a Budget and Stick to it!

Decide what your weekend, trip, or travel budget will be and stick to it.

Maybe this means starting to save now or re-adjusting one’s current budget to make that airplane or train ticket possible. If so, then make it happen.

It is worth reminding yourself that no, you don’t need new shoes or the perfect brand name hand luggage or a fancy travel dress you can tie fifteen different ways. The best way to make your travel budget go further is to drop the idea that you need to spend more to have the ‘best’ stuff.

Clever money management can make itchy feet much easier to scratch! Know what’s coming in, how it’s being spent and take charge of your money! It doesn’t matter how little or much money you make, having a budget is important.

Be realistic but hold yourself to the numbers. Debt is the new task master, and it’s not a nice one. Operating outside of a sense of financial responsibility might be fun for a season but the price of blowing your budget means less freedom in your future.


The Best Things in Life….

Explore alternatives! This encompasses a lot. From choosing a picnic over a fancy restaurant, public transport or a long walk, over a private taxi, refuse to be boxed in by over-priced must-do’s or expensive tourist traps. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you never splurge rather it means thinking smart about ways to push past expenses that could otherwise be barriers to access. To help in achieving this, pre-research helps! Look into discounts, passes, alternatives to hotels, designated “free-entry” days and the like. Don’t dismiss free and low-cost activities at home or abroad. Explore gratis gems! These events can be some of the most awe-inspiring not to mention fun! From epic natural landscapes, to renowned art museums, cutting-edge street art, and more!

Discovering free stuff can even become an intriguing and entertaining adventure on its own! Enjoying the best things in life is not a compromise – it’s a choice!

Getting out doesn’t have an admission price! 3 Free Lekker Local Activities in Jozi
• Soak up the Scene @ Market on Main
• Discover the Past @ The Museum Africa
• Get Closer to Nature @ Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and Emmarentia Dam


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