Internet of Things (IoT)

By November 1, 2017Prestigio

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a ‘thing’. But what exactly is “The Internet of Things?


IoT Defined:

The Internet of Things is the idea that devices can connect to and communicate with the Internet and identify themselves on their own to other devices.

Once example of what IoT looks like is your kitchen refrigerator being able to connect to the Internet and order weekly groceries to be delivered to your home. Or simply, having an App on your smartphone that connects to a online-device that controls whether your geyser at home is on or not – such that you could turn your geyser on an hour before you get home (thereby saving electricity).


What is the Importance of IoT?

It is generally assumed that The Internet was created to share and disseminate information or Data. The IoT is taking going to the next level with the information being created by inanimate objects i.e. devices. It is computers that are getting accurate, precise, and up-to-date information from the devices themselves.

It is possible for everything to connect to the internet and communicate with each other. This means our physical world evolving into a complex information system. It is theorized that the IoT could help drastically reduce waste and save money.


Imagining an IoT world

The Internet of Things has the potential to be a powerful disrupter. As the technology arrives on the scene, not all of it may look futuristic and seem like pure awesomeness right out of the box. However, the elements of innovation in the Internet of Things will build and grow into truly brilliant possibilities. New ideas that can powerfully impact daily life for the better beyond the concept of ‘lazy-convenience’ & ‘gadgety’! Here is what it could look like for:


The Individual

• Time Saving Automation at home and work
• Reduced Energy Usage
• Increased Convenience
• Instant access to Medical Services
• Better productivity at work
• Remote monitoring for Security


The Local Community

• Smart Cities can mean less traffic & better roadside assistance
• Increased transport efficiency
• Easier to maintain Infrastructure timeously
• Environmental monitoring and sensitivities increased


The Global Community

• Linked Health Care Services that can track epidemics
• Shared access to collected Data
• Transformation through redesign of processes


Internet of Today

Elements of the Internet of Things are already available. Smartphones and Smart-devices are the current hub for the IoT i.e. they are the remote-control. Here is just a glimpse of what is already possible:

• Health and Exercise Habits and Patterns: There are numerous fitness and heart-rate monitoring apps that track workouts and more.
• Fertility and Family Planning: In 2017 the European Union approved an App made by Elina Berglund a Nobel prize winning Swedish Physicist as a certified and effective birth control.
• Disease Outbreak Treatment and Prevention: The Meningitis Research Foundation is using Smartphones to track, treat, and prevent Meningitis in Malawi and save lives!


Internet of the Future

The Internet of Things is developing each day. On one hand it holds great potential. It could encourage and promote global collaboration that bypasses geo-political boundaries and unite individuals to come together in a sum that greater than our parts. Simultaneously, it is important that we continue to have the conversation about what a world emmeshed with IoT would practically mean. How will the IoT impact human behaviour and societal interaction? How will we define the role of technology in both our everyday life and the future.

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