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By November 22, 2018Laptops

All Laptops, no matter the brand name, can get bogged down and slow down if used without regular maintenance. Just like one would maintain a car or clean a flat, laptops require some care and attention too.

To achieve optimum performance from your laptop, try these tips to keep processing speeds as high as possible.


Computing Terms to Know

CPU (Central Processing Unit): The command centre for all the work/tasks a computer does.
RAM (Random Access Memory): RAM makes it possible to access more than one program at a time on your computer without making it slow down.
Operating System: Software that controls the access of various computer processes. This encompasses hardware, software, and all the computer’s resources.
Hard Drive: Main internal storage device inside a computer


1. Practice Good Laptop Maintenance Habits

Don’t wait until laptop performance is so poor that it causes a “but I need to get work done” freak-out.

Instead, explore the tools already inside your laptop’s Operating System. These are there to help one stay on-top of PC maintenance before problems are encountered. They are easy to use:

Disk Cleanup: Starting here is a good idea. From your Start Menu search Disc Cleanup. This great tool will check to see what unnecessary files are being stored and then delete those that aren’t needed but are hogging space and making things run slower.

Disk Defrag & Optimise Drives: Another great administrative tool is “Disc Defragment and Optimize Drives”. Either run this tool regularly or schedule it to run automatically. This tool goes through information on your drives and organizes it such that it is stored in a more efficient manner.


Free Downloadable Tools on Offer

CC Cleaner is a free app. Installing and running this helpful tool can make cleaning up RAM and disc space easy-peasy.


2. Updates are Important

Regular software updates are essential, period. They are vital to your computer’s health and well-being, so keep them current. They close security loopholes and protect one’s computer from the never-ending malware adaptions. They also fix software bugs. Updates can really boost efficiency.

• Don’t Forget! Working with limited data? If so, it is worthwhile to change device settings to only update software over Wi-Fi connections. Doing this will ensure that internet data is not depleted by performing routine updates.


3. Protect, Protect, Protect!

Malware, viruses, tracking-files and other undesirables drag down computer performance. Protect your device and your files with Anti-Malware software. All Prestigio devices come with Anti-Malware installed for convenience. Additional free anti-spyware and anti-malware can be downloaded.


4. Explore External Storage Options

Be smart about storage. Don’t let files you want to keep but rarely use hog the internal device storage on your laptop. Chock-a-block or overly full storage can certainly slow your device down. It’s especially worthwhile making a storage plan for big entertainment files such as your movie collection or unedited photography files, etc.

• Cloud: Internet storage options like Dropbox are great ways to keep big data files off of a laptop’s hard drive. Secure Cloud storage allows one’s files to be there when needed without taking up room or negatively affecting laptop function. Free and paid options are available.

• SD cards &/ External Drives: External drives are providing large amounts of storage at increasingly affordable prices. This makes them an accessible option for those who require more storage but don’t want to pay a premium for built-in drives. With massive capacities and various shapes and sizes, they are an important supplement to a device’s built-in memory.



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