Modern Careers outside of the Office

By November 22, 2018Prestigio

“The Times They are a Changing”

Once upon a time professional work was defined by cubicles and steel office blocks. This is shifting, thanks to the progression of technology and businesses recognising the functionality of remote-work. Disruptive technology has made us rethink what’s possible and affordable tech that can travel means that we can work from a wide range of environments.

With these modern careers outside the office you can expand your horizons:

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Park Rangers & Tourism Guides

If you like people and love the great outdoors, a career in the Tourism Industry might just be your calling. From guided walks in the Kruger National Park to visiting cultural sites or scanning for rare birds. These occupations encompass a wide variety of locations and activities. Not a boring option at all!


Web Design & Development

Building websites encompasses many elements; everything from the appearance to the code functionality must fit client requirements. This is a job that can be done in a wide variety of settings. Go virtually anywhere, almost every business around the world would benefit from a website being built for them!


Outdoor Sciences

Interested in a traditional profession but can’t stand being indoors? Studying in the field of marine biology, agriculture, forestry or other similar outdoor sciences might be the answer. These can ensure you switch up from the usual work environment. There is nothing like starting your workday out in the elements to keep you on your toes!



With Rhino’s under fire, threatened ecosystems, and industrial pollution fouling rivers, conservation in South Africa has never been more important. A career in conservation gives you a valuable role in helping to preserve our natural heritage.



This is where creativity meets its forte. Design your own business that gets you outside four walls. It will involve lots (and lots) of work but coming up with a business that you build from the ground-up can provide adventure and an excellent challenge for the passionate.


Consultants & Freelancers

Freelance and consulting work encompasses a wide variety of options from landscaping to writing and more. Flexible scheduling can be a bonus but finding the actual work can be time consuming until you build up a client base. If you can get by with an often irregular income – the variety can be stimulating. While you may not be able to work from absolutely anywhere, chances are if you can get an internet connection where you are, consider yourself in the office.



A well trafficked blog can usher in loads of opportunity and be converted to a cash creator for the blogger behind it. Successful bloggers can turn their blogs into a career; receive travel opportunities and free stuff at the same time. However, it is important to be realistic; it’s a full time job in a very competitive market.


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