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By December 4, 2018Prestigio

When it’s time to switch gears, podcasts are a great tool to do so. They provide commiseration, motivation, education, humour, advice and more. Each one opens the door into a world outside of our own, drawing connections and giving us glimpses and insight into a range of topics. Reward your curiosity.

Tune in, engage your brain (and maybe even your heart) and find company along this curious experience, we call life.


One for You

From wacky science, to relationships, to advocacy, and managing money there is something for everyone. Here’s listing just a few that are out there:

On Being with Krista Tippett

Conversations with the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, creative’s, and others, this show embraces BIG questions. From how we make meaning to the biggest mysteries experienced in life. Interviews across the spectrum including ground-breaking theoretical physicists, Native American Poets who wrestle with the significance of apologies, to “Her Deepness” – the first person to walk on the sea floor – on the life changing experiences The Ocean has given her. This gamut leaves one in awe of humankind, our complex thinking and questioning minds, our complicated hearts and the beauty of the human spirit.


2 Dope Queens

Need something lighter? Try this hilarious duo of stand-up comedians with live comedy straight from Brooklyn. Perfect for those of us who need to laugh out loud and if we are honest that might be all of us!



A podcast for entrepreneurs, Startup was created by an entrepreneur to chronicle his journey. Follow along with business start-ups; through up’s and down’s, muck-up’s & ‘aha’-moments. Learn from their mistakes and take courage from their successes.


The Fat Wallet Show

This show is dedicated to answering financial questions. If a balanced budget, healthy savings account, and comfortable cash flow is on your to-figure out list. Start here and get savvy about spending and all that is currency controlled. *Prestigio does not endorse the above as financial instruction, rather as entertainment.


The Money Show

South African advice and financial news. Episodes vary in length from ten minutes to over an hour. This podcast is a wonderful way to get the highlights and insights on financial happenings (including trends) that affect us here in RSA. *Prestigio does not endorse the above as financial instruction, rather as entertainment.


Call Your Girlfriends

An unapologetic feminist bonanza that’s as good as calling your ‘bestie’. From pop culture to politics and everything in between there is nothing off-limits for these gals, seriously! Listen in and feel like you’ve found a friend.


Where Should We Begin

Relationship guru Esther Perel guides us on a journey through the toughest bits of building intimate relationships. Each episode is a window into one couple’s unique challenges. By allowing us share in their vulnerability we learn and find surprising commonalities when it comes to complex dynamics and emotions.


Dear Sugar

Feeling forlorn or broken hearted this season? This NY Times advice column turned radio podcast imparts soothing advice in response to deep questions and dark secrets from listeners.


Reply All

All about The Internet! Hosts find fascinating personal stories buried in Social Media and pull them out for us to hear. This show is a crash course in surviving modern life and how The Internet affects our lives and we affect The Internet. You won’t doubt this after listening.



“Investigating a Strange World” is this show’s motto. It is a long-standing podcast delving into the scientific and philosophical in a fresh and approachable way. Exercise your brain, explore different patterns of logic & practise critical, analytical deductive reasoning. Think for yourself and don’t be afraid to question your belief system and thinking.


No Such Thing as a Fish

Every watched the game show QI? This podcast echo’s it because it originated in the same offices. This show features the odd, the bizarre and the absurdly interesting! Weekly, hosts introduce us to new fascinating titbits and trivia. Perfect if you need to up “the random” in your life.


The Longest Shortest Time

Family life is full of joys and pitfalls. This show explores them all! Inspired by one Mom’s struggles in her early days of parenting, this show approaches a wide range of topics with humour and openness. You don’t have to be a parent to listen and appreciate it.



A podcast all about the unseen currents that drive human behaviour, for example what prompts our urges? Explore themes of psychology and the unseen elements that shape our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.



Ever felt like there was a moment, one moment, in which your life changed forever? If so, you are not alone! This show accompanies people back to that moment so they can explore it, come to terms with it, and then move on. Bravely they share their profound moments with us.


Ear Hustle

Ever wonder what life is like behind bars? California State’s San Quentin’ prison. A unique vantage point for the listener and without a doubt an intriguing one.


99% Invisible

If you have thought of it, chances are it won’t be featured on this podcast. This podcast* is about behind the scenes stuff that makes daily life tick. I.e. all the stuff we don’t pay attention to. It’s enlightening and riveting too.
*Interesting to note this podcast is independently funded and had a record-breaking Kickstarter fundraiser. For more on Crowd Funding read here.


Unsettled: Mapping #MeToo

The hashtag heard around the world. Take a closer look at how two words blossomed into a battle cry around the globe in the fight against sexual violence. Rape and Sexual Assault are endemic within South Africa, this podcast is hopeful about a future where this is not the case!


Download Up

All of the podcasts featured in this article of episodes and archives are free for download. This means it doesn’t cost a rand to stock up on food for thought, entertainment, and inspiration.

*Short on Data? Download while you are connected to a public Wi-Fi connection at your favourite café or even the public library.


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