Passion Projects that evolved into thriving Businesses

By May 6, 2018Prestigio

The ‘X’ Factor

Passion is the secret ingredient in many a successful company. It is the extra ‘oomph’ that can translate into the energy to keep going when things aren’t going the way you thought they would. It’s the definitive ‘X’ factor that grabs people’s attention and brings them on board willing to buy-in to your product or service.


Grow Your Inspiration

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Here are some stories sure to inspire. Individuals who reached for what was near and/or dear to them. Starting with what was close to them already, a personal interest, a hobby, or a talent; they added diligent work and perseverance to make the evolution from a Passion Project to a capital-creating business success.


Earth Friendly Quality Body Care: Anita Roddick

This UK entrepreneur is an individual who is passionate about the environment & eco-friendly body products. She enjoyed traveling the world and believed that you could make a better product using natural ingredients. Middle-aged, married, and the mother of two – she began her Start-Up in 1976 with only 15 products that she had sourced herself.

She faced the challenge of convincing consumers that ‘green’ products that were responsibly sourced were worth the extra price.

She succeeded and her business The Body Shop remains an internationally known brand. In 2003 she sold her successful Start-Up to cosmetic giant L’Oreal for $1.03billion.


Haircare Entrepreneur: Madame C.J. Walker, born Sarah Breedlove

This remarkable trailblazer earned distinction and a fortune at the turn of the 20th century. Even though she died in 1919 she remains famous as America’s first African-American female entrepreneur.

Unexplained hair-loss for females was a concern in her days and after she experienced the unpleasantness herself, she began experimenting with homemade remedies. She researched and designed an effective solution for herself, she then offered her personal remedy to others in the form of a full scale business.

Her products were a hit and soon stores across the entire USA were stocking her line. In 1908 she broke further ground by opening a College to train Hair Care Professionals. Then in 1910 she built her own factory in Indianapolis to produce her wares. As an African-American female she broke new ground by destroying popular cultural notion at the time about who could achieve success and how it was done. Her empowered female business achievements broke social and economic barriers and created new opportunities for others along with great wealth for herself.


A Business based on Sweet Stuff: Ephraim Rwamwenge

Ephraim Rwamwenge has a passion for delicious treats. His first business venture was inspired by his own and other students sugar cravings. He bought and sold candies in primary school.

From these humble beginnings he developed and went from small-change sweet seller to multi-millionaire. Along the way he had mixed experiences as he tried to turn his natural talent for making money into a solid stable business. Lack of planning, misinterpreting the market, and ill-managed finance culminated into “failures” that he could learn from. He finally found a sweet spot when he decided to diversify and begin importing and distributing sugar from India into Rwanda. His business has expanded, and he now has plans to build local sugar processing plants to further his self-made empire. At a young age of 25 he is already worth millions.


Digital Goldmine: Abasiama Idaresit

Abasiama Idaresit was convinced that he increase sales for clients using what he was passionate about – Digital Marketing, but they were not. In one sales pitch his plan was deemed so ludicrous he was literally chased from a potential client’s office building.

At the time Digital Marketing, his forte, was a brand-new concept in Nigeria and no one wanted to be the first to venture into the unknown. Local businesses were certainly not going to pay a youthful dreamer with no track record, their hard-earned cash to “give-it-a-go”.

With persistence and passion Abasiama finally convinced a small business to give him a chance. To embolden them, he went so far as offering them a complete refund if his plan failed to increase their monthly turnover. Instead of having to pay-up on his money-back guarantee, Abasiama increased their sales to the point they were overwhelmed!

After over 8 months without a sale, Abasiama’s Digital Marketing Business finally took off! Wild Fusion is now worth over $6m, operates in three countries and boasts a host of major African corporate and international clients.


Spark Your Success

From beadwork to baby blankets, from web-design to pest-control whatever you find interesting & valuable: is the place to start. Even if your passion doesn’t seem to be transferable to a business, enjoy it nonetheless – invest time in what brings you joy.

If you have something that you always love learning more about & want to create something that allows you more time in that space, then we suggest the following articles: Future Defined & The Power of the 1st Actionable Step.



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