Product Focus: Prestigio 116C 11.6” Smartbook Laptop

By January 1, 2018Laptops

Brawn, Brains, & Beauty

Introducing Prestigio’s 116C housed in classic sophisticated black: this Smartbook is a well-built and powerful machine with a lot to love, inside and out.

A Display of Note

An 11.6” LCD screen size is the right size for getting important work done, relaxing with media, getting inspired, chatting with friends or family, and fitting into your go-to bag. The screen features a 1920×1080 IPS Display that is High Definition and Anti-glare. All the images on your screen will be crisp with brilliant colours.

Perfect Travel Companion

The 116C is easy to take with you everywhere. It is super thin at 1.4cms high. It tips the scale at a mere 1kg. Weighing in, in the ultra-light category the 116C still packs a powerful punch in processors.



Easy to Use Operating System

The 116C comes pre-installed with Window’s 10. This operating system makes navigating and utilizing the features of your Smartbook efficient.


More than Appearances

  • Quad Core Intel Atom Z8350 Processor with up to 1.92 GHz

The 116C is well-equipped for heavy computing. Its potent processor allows you to run all the applications you need to.


Input & Output

The 116C offers a full set of Ports. This means you can get what you need done without purchasing and having to carry around additional adaptors.

  • Full USB 3.0 Port
  • USB 2.0 Port
  • Mini HDMI
  • 5mm Audio Jack


  • 2GB RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The amount of RAM in your device influences how fast it can switch between programs and tasks. It can be thought of as ‘short-term’ or easily accessed computing memory.


  • 32GB Internal Storage

Store what you need to store on your device’s main internal storage. Research documents, business contracts, fun photographs, favourite films, music and more. Prestigio’s 116C comes with a whopping 32GB of internal storage for your organizational convenience.

Need even more? Connect easily to Cloud Services with the 116C and expand your storage for free with specific online platforms.


Beauty in the Details

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • High Definition Audio
  • Web Camera
  • Wireless LAN
  • Video Chipset: Intel HD Graphics 400


Battery Life

Life is busy. Chords get in the way. That is why the 116C Smartbook is supported by an 8000mAh battery. This battery means the 116C Smartbook performs with an ultra-long life, so you don’t have to slow down yours!


Feel Secure with a 12 Month Warranty

Prestigio technology undergoes vigorous quality assurance tests before it is set loose into the marketplace. For your complete peace of mind, Prestigio offers a warranty of 12 Months.



Prestigio is the brand that offers well-priced tech devices that are capable, functional and well-designed. No matter what stage of life you are in. Prestigio devices are capable of meeting the demands you need from your tech.

Unleash your potential. Meet your future prepared, Choose Prestigio.

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