Product Focus: Prestigio 3147 3G 7” Tablet

By July 12, 2017Prestigio, Tablets

Gear up Your Future

The Prestigio Wize 3147 3G MultiTablet offers well-priced, ideal-sized, capable connectivity at your fingertips!

The Basics Done Right!


The Wize comes in classic black. It features a thick black frame around the screen, rounded corners, and a removable back. Power and volume buttons are well-placed and textured making them easy to find & use.



This tablet offers a large enough screen for easy-viewing-&-use plus it can still fit in your pocket! It is perfectly sized at 7”. The Wize is light-weight, making it a true hand-held device.



The screen is multi-touch, offers crisp resolution and high pixel density with bright vibrant colours. At 7 inches it is large enough for watching moving, viewing pictures, gaming, alongside professional work such as editing and creating documents.



This tablet comes out of the box with 8 GB of storage to get you started. It has the further capacity to store an additional 32 GB in a designated microSD card slot.


Battery & Ports

The Wize has a 2800 mAh battery enables capability all day long. It boasts a ‘doze’ setting that is especially useful for prolonging battery life to ensure you have power on-the-go for longer. A USB port, microUSB port, and audio jack are pre-installed for your convenience.


Camera and Speakers

The Wize has both a front and back camera available so, recording video, taking photos, or using video-calling services is a breeze. It features speakers and the added ability to custom set their settings to your preferences.


Smart Technology

The Prestigio Wize 3147 is enhanced by capable smart technology.

Operating System
6.0 Android operating system Marshmallow

Processor and Ram
1GB of Ram and a Quad-core processor allows for speedy application launches and easy switches between tasks. The MultiTablet has been designed for agile capability!

3G Connectivity
Get and stay connected with a data plan or connect to the office, home, or public Wi-Fi network easily with the Wize MultiTablet. Enjoy fast upload and download times with speedy 3G capabilities.

For more on understanding internet speeds read here.


Stay Organized & In Touch with Dual Sim

A unique standout feature of the Prestigio Wize 3147 MultiTablet is that it can hold not just one but Dual Sim cards. This means you can streamline both personal & professional communication via one device!

Utilize 2 Data Sim cards, 2 Voice Sim Cards or one of each. Use them simultaneously to make organizing that much easier! Multi-task to your heart’s content using this one device to phone home, receive business calls, connect to the internet, and more.


Above the Rest

Prestigio has distinguished itself as a brand by receiving a full Google certification and Google Play Store accreditation. This means that all Apps from the Google Play Store will work on your Prestigio device – this convenient feature is not to be under-estimated.


The Right Device

If you are looking for a device that won’t break your budget and that will put possibilities within your means. The Wize MultiTablet is an excellent option.

Power up your potential with Prestigio’s affordable tech and accelerate into the future.

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