Product Focus: Smartbook 116A

By August 9, 2017Laptops

Smarter than your average laptop, meet Prestigio’s sleek new Smartbook.

Ready for life on-the-go, ready for anything!

Classically Cool

Classically designed and a mere 20.6mm in thickness it comes in classic black, grey, or dark blue. Its case features a faux metal finish that keeps it lightweight and travel ready.


Travel Light

The Prestigio Smartbook is perfect for a life on-the-go. It is lighter than the average smartbook or laptop weighing in at a mere 1.13kgs.

Its size and screen has been calibrated and paired with a long-life battery to keep you empowered for longer. Be connected & creative all day and still get your work done! The 116 comes with a powerful 1000 MHz Li-Ion battery offering a lifespan of 7 hours + to keep you on task.


Make Whatever you are Viewing, a Pleasure

Sized at 11.6 inches and slim; Prestigio’s Smartbook is both elegant and easy-to-use. Its screen has an anti-glare coating and a resolution of 1366×768 for bright colors and clean images.


Seize the Cloud

Be prepared to make the most of what Cloud Storage can offer. This Smartbook comes with 100GB of Microsoft Cloud Drive storage, absolutely free for 2 years.

Store all your professional documents, personal files, photos, entertainment and more – safely in the cloud so you can travel light.

Cloud storage means you can access what you need from anywhere without carrying around extra chords or additional backup storage.


Master of Multi-tasking

Prestigio’s Smartbook is designed for convenience without sacrificing capability. It can run multiple applications simultaneously because it was developed to be a jack-of-all-trades device, made for multi-tasking.


A Speedy Processor

It features an Intel Atom Z3735F quad four processor inside. With a CPU core clock that runs at 1.33GHz and can boost to 1.83MHz when needed. Its hard drive is 32 GB.


Operating System

This Smartbook is ready to work as soon as you unpack it. It comes with Windows 10 pre-installed as well as other commonly used useful apps.

Ports of Connectivity
• Ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks
• Bluetooth accessible
• 2USB 2.0 Port for easy device connections
• 1 HDMI cable for plug-in to TV, projector, or monitor
• 1 microSD card reader for easy file and photo transfer
• Front Camera for video communications and photography
• Built-in speakers and microphone


The Prestigio Difference

Prestigio boasts a full Google certification which means that any app you want to download from the Google Play Store is guaranteed to work on your Prestigio device. Learn more about our brand and how we seek to provide affordable tech that has all the features you need and more at a price that allows you to get connected and stay connected!

Be Ready for Anything. Let nothing hold you back. Buy Prestigio.

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