Prestigio WIZE 3147 3G


The Wize 3147 3G is powerful for all your everyday needs; it features the latest Android to customize settings and to enhance your user experience and is compact enough to carry even in a small bag or a pocket. The other useful feature is dual SIM support – use one card to stay online anywhere with super fast 3G Internet and engage another one for calls!

Latest Android

Android 6.0 Marshmallow enables the tablet to work longer, to successfully protect user data and is simply more convenient! You will enjoy customizing the sound settings, and the battery saving Doze mode which helps your device to work all day long without compromising functionality.

Right for your hand

Thanks to its lightness and compactness the Wize 3147 3G perfectly fits the hand. Whatever you do: checking email, communicating on social networks, watching movie or playing games – you feel the incredible comfort while using your tablet.

Stay in touch

The Wize 3147 3G supports dual SIM, so you can use it as a smartphone (its compactness allows it!) and stay online any time in any place, using fast 3G connectivity instead of searching for the Wi-Fi.

Enjoy high performance

Despite the reasonable price the Wize 3147 3G features the majority of the technologies used in more expensive devices. Smooth video playback, high quality music and launching multiple applications at the same time – it’s all easy and simple thanks to the quad core processor and 1 GB RAM.

Long-living device

With compactness, non-stop Internet connectivity and good performance you will certainly want to use the tablet all day long. A powerful battery gives you this possibility! Watch videos online, play games and chat with friends – the battery life can satisfy your everyday needs.