How to Search & Apply for Jobs

By April 10, 2019Prestigio

Find your first job, your next job or the perfect job with this helpful guide geared for those who are seeking employment.

Contacting Potential Employers

The ‘how’ in job-seeking is critical. First contact with a potential employer creates the first impression.

Be efficient with the energy you invest in the job search by communicating via the correct channels in a professional manner that includes attention to detail.


First things First

• Before you begin, create a CV. If you are looking for a How To Guide, simply click here. Don’t take shortcuts on your CV. It should concisely & honestly represent your academic achievements, relevant work experience, your skill range and what you bring to the table. Resist any temptation to exaggerate accomplishments, as HR professionals will spot this a mile away.

• Letter of Motivation: Think of this element as a personal sales pitch. It ought to impress and build curiosity. Remember you need to tell them what makes you special, but you will also need to deliver – so keep it real! With this as a base, tailor the letter for each application or contact with a potential employer. Each letter of motivation should be specific. It ought to be informed by research on the company and a clear understanding of the role one is applying for. Why are you a suitable candidate for the position advertised? Be sure to include details such as why you want to work for this particular company and the assets you feel you would bring to a specific role.

• Certified Documentation: Part of #Adulting is paperwork & potential employers like to see that you can manage the responsibilities of your own life. Be sure to have certified copies of Academic Certificates, ID, Driver’s License etc to make everything on the “up&up”.

For a guide on how to win at #Adulting, simply click here.


Directing your Job Search

Uncovering the correct job for you can be done in multiple ways. The Internet hosts a number of job boards and resources for finding employment. Technology empowers you to search online and see what is out there from wherever you. At home, at school, at the library, or café; here are six great ways to direct your job search using your Prestigio Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Five apps that can help you get a job.


Scroll your Contacts List:

We are all part of networks. Utilize the one you are in to keep abreast of opportunities and employ your personal connections to ensure that you hear about job openings that are relevant for you. Let people know what type of job you are looking for and what your qualifications are. Don’t forget to include contacts that you’ve not spoken to in a while; you never know who might hold the key to your next job.

To be considered, they have to know you are looking and have you in mind. Don’t forget to include alumni in your list!


Local Paper Classified Section:

Remember newspapers? The in-print (or online editions) of local newspapers carry advertisements from companies seeking to fill positions – this is especially true for small local businesses.

Find ads offering jobs that you are eligible to apply for and follow the in-ad instructions for how to apply.


Job Recruitment Agencies:

Job recruitment professionals match employees and employers together, for a living. They are paid for successful matches by businesses. Registering with agencies can be an excellent way to ensure that you are on the radar of companies looking to fill specific professional roles (this is also true for senior level positions).

Contact agencies directly for instructions on how to become a part of their database.



If you have yet to check out platform, it is time to do so. There is a plethora of online resources to assist you with setting up your LinkedIn Profile, use Google as a TechTool to help you research.

Regularly update your profile and access the job-section to apply directly to open positions.


Job Sites:

Finding a job through a job seeking speciality website is another avenue. Many job sites will even perform searches for you and notify you when a suitable job is posted online. Each site will have different requirements for creating an account.

Account creation can be time consuming so be sure to budget time to setup an account properly.

Missing or incomplete profiles will make you an automatic ‘no’ so take care with details.


Direct Communication:

Search online for companies within your field of expertise. From their official business websites find the Careers Page. Follow instructions given to submit a CV, letter of motivation, &/ any other required documents.

Keep track of who you have contacted and when such that you can follow-up with a phone call within an appropriate time-frame.



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