How to Start your Professional Career whilst Studying

By March 13, 2019Prestigio

It is never too early to invest in yourself and in your field of study. There is no time like the present to begin with the groundwork and foundation for your #PotentialUnleashed.

Even while still attending post-matric academic institutes, one can get a head start on their professional career.

How to pursue a Career

Here is how to go about filling your CV with relevant experience and impressive references:

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Be Pro-active!

Be creative & logical in seeking opportunities that will enrich your knowledge, skillsets & work-experience. Continually research the developments and innovation occurring in your field. Become a thought-leader, investigate ideas (yours and others), and cultivate a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm for the future.

Optimism is always on-trend! Attitudes are noticed and a reputation is built over time. Act with integrity and encourage others. Strive for excellence.

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Join a Society or Club:

Connecting with others can be good for our health. Have you ever heard the adage “It’s who you know”…

• Build your support system for when things get tough
• Enlarge your contact network
• Stimulate your intellect
• Get to know others with similar interests & also those with varied interests – note the potential of collaboration to generate insight & innovation
• Gain experience in both teamwork & leadership.


Investigate an Internship:

Speak with professors, lecturers, tutors and the career assistants at the academic institute that you attend regarding suitable options for internships offered within your field of study.

Even though many Internships are paid a stipend or even unpaid, they provide many benefits to those willing to invest the time and energy. Discovering what is faced by those working in your field, engaging with paid professionals, building your list of references, and testing out your wings in the workplace are just some of the Pro’s of an Internship.

Prestigio Tip: On occasion, companies and government departments will offer scholarships or bursaries to students committed to their field of study. Research what funding is available & as to what the criteria are for applying is.

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Join a professional online platform:

The creation of a professionally-geared online account can be a simple way to start establishing connections for the future. LinkedIn is a well-regarded platform that is routinely visited by recruiters and potential employers; there is even a Jobs’ Section. Following established leaders in your field on Twitter, or other Social Media sources, can allow you to access their insights and inspire you to think more about more. There’s no need to be small-minded; rather be in-the-know with the current news and happenings within your field.

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Become a Tutor or a Teacher’s Assistant:

Speak with the Faculty to find out what positions are available, what do they involve & how to apply for them. Helping others grasp the curriculum content can further cement your own understanding and build your proficiency. Being of assistance through service can be personally fulfilling and add depth to your academic career. It can be a confidence booster and help you gain references and experience to add to your CV!

If you feel that you are currently not managing the challenges of Student Life, see our articles on: Student Realities & Time as a Commodity.

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