Start-Ups to Watch in 2017

By January 11, 2017Prestigio

Game Changers


Necessity is the mother of invention and the time is ending for Africa to do without. Now is the time for the bold to step up with solutions, bringing the future forward into focus.

Africa faces unique challenges that require innovative solutions. Prestigio thinks these start-ups are potential game-changers. Let’s take a look at four awesome ideas that have been put into practice; to stoke the fires of inspiration!


After taking a sobering look at some harsh statistics; the creators of Zipline realized that a lack of roads and missing infrastructure was affecting life and death in medical situations. According to the Zipline website over 2.9 million children under five years old and 150,000 pregnancy related deaths could be prevented with access to medical necessities.

That is why they invented the idea of Zip. Zip is a robotic airplane that travel long distances at 100mph to make a difference when time is of the utmost importance.

Health workers on the ground, call Zip by sending a text message to order what is needed. It doesn’t take long for Zip to be stocked up and sent out into the action.  Zip flies medication, vaccines and even blood straight to where it is needed.

Zip doesn’t even need a runway. Instead it drops the supplies by parachute so they can be picked up on the ground.

In 2017 Zipline has partnered with the Rwandan government to bring life-saving medical supplies to twenty medical centres, all from the same home base. This means the Zipline team will be getting life-saving supplies to people who otherwise might die.



Cancer sucks! Early detection is one of the most important indicators that will determine how successful treatment might be. But currently, detection is difficult. Cancer might go unnoticed until it has developed into a serious stage 3, 4, or 5. Scans and tests might be available but they depend on expert result analyzing and sophisticated health care facilities. Both are things that can be difficult in more rural parts of Africa and elsewhere in the world.

Jay Flatly the executive of biotechnology company Illumunia hit upon an idea about a new way to test for cancer while researchers at his firm were checking out what the company’s DNA sequencers could do with blood. After discovering that the increasingly powerful machines could pick up trace DNA in the blood, an ingenious start-up was born.

The mission of this new venture is developing a single blood test which could screen for a whole host of cancers!

Big name backers including Bill Gates have gotten behind the project known as GRAIL. Being able to search for an entire range of cancers with one single blood test could revolutionize cancer survival rates and aid research like nothing before.

Early detection would change healthcare and treatment options and allow more individuals to fight and win in the battle against cancer in the future.


Vula Mobile

The creators of Vula mobile app don’t think you should have to comprise your health. When Dr. William Mapham from Cape Town was faced with the reality of this dilemma working in rural Swaziland he determined to build a mobile app to address the problem experienced by rural health workers.

Vula mobile is an App that connects doctors, with specialists who can then assist and give a second opinion.

Originally, developed for the field of Ophthalmology, it quickly became clear that it was needed in other areas of medicine too. Medical specialist donated their time to expand the available medical categories of the app to include dermatology and HIV. Then in 2016, Vula added Orthopaedics, Cardiology, and Burns. This year they plan to further add Paediatric surgery, Ear Nose and Throat, and Oncology.

Vula Mobile is empowering dedicated health workers, (especially in rural areas) to be able to provide enhanced diagnosis and treatment affecting the quality of life for thousands of individuals around the world.



Prestigio is recent comer to the world of tech giants. It began as and remains a company committed to bringing capable technology into your hands at an accessible price. Prestigio doesn’t believe that access to smartphones & mulitpads (i.e Tablets) should be restricted by big brands’ pricing; instead they are creating devices that do what needs to be done at a fraction of the price. Prestigio doesn’t think you have to compromise either! That’s why our tech is the only tier 2 brand to receive a full Google certification. This guarantees that any app from the Google Play Store you want, will work on a Prestigio device. We also offer a two year warranty that is twice the industry standard because we stand behind our commitment to quality.

We think getting connected is a necessary component in today’s world. South Africans agree and Prestigio saw their tech expand in 2016 to be featured multiple retailers. Prestigio is braced for even more success in the coming year as more people become aware of their quality & well-priced products.


Are you a Start-Up of the Future?

Do you and your friends have a great idea? Don’t be shy to explore it further. Starting your own business takes dedication but with the right idea it can not only revolutionize your world but also the world around you. To learn how to register a business, see this article outlining the process here.

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