The Benefits of Gamification

By December 4, 2018Prestigio

Defining Gamification

Gamification is a growing strategy used across the spectrum by educators, employers, businesses, and others. As a concept it involves taking the most engaging and entertaining elements of games (i.e. game-design thinking) and applying them in new ways to teach, motivate, manage, and more.

This creative integration holds advantages that contribute to effective problem-solving. While corporate companies are harnessing it to augment market share and build customer loyalty – it can be utilized for far more than that.

Gamification is an approach that can encourage personal development and well-being at various levels. It can also foster connection, promote constructive behaviours, and increase involvement in campaigns that may result in positive social and environmental impact.

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Benefits of Gamification

Winning isn’t everything. In fact, as it turns out playing can improve different skills and abilities. These are some of the many benefits that Gamification can provide:

• Elevate levels of engagement
• Enhance cognitive development
• Increase accessibility to all types of learning
• Improve performance (physically and mentally)
• Support physical wellness
• Catalyst for positive behavioural changes
• Foster creativity
• Encourage & Motivate
• Raise levels of enjoyment in various tasks/activities
• Boost recall and retention rates
• Promote productivity


Gamification for Good

These three examples are worth noting.


1. Health – Foldit

When the University of Washington teamed up with the Biochemistry Department, they launched Foldit. Foldit is an online puzzle game about protein folding that can be played around the globe. In a mere 10 days, 240,000 registered international players found a solution to the M-PMV structure. This represented a critical breakthrough in AIDS research. They found Gamification at its most intense and with a whopping power to drive scientific and health research on one of the world’s most deadly diseases.


2. Food – Free Rice

Ever wondered if games could really do anything about big scary global problems facing humankind? So did the creators of Free Rice – which is a quiz game app whose creators donate 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. This means when you get smarter, people who need food assistance win!


3. Environment – Forest App

Maintaining focus can be difficult. Modern day culture offers easy access to a plethora of information, news & entertainment which can become a source of distraction. The Free Forest App helps individuals to focus and in turn allows them to help planet Earth. When you start a task a seed is planted. If you stay focused, the virtual seed grows into a tree. Grown trees earn virtual coins which in turn translate into real trees being planted in real life. So far over 300,000 trees have been planted by players. That’s impressive and it doesn’t even speak to the undertakings successfully focused-on and finished by the Apps users.

There are many more out there, here’s just another example to inspire you:



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