The Benefits of Gaming

By December 4, 2018Prestigio

Life gets busy. Games provide a breather. Gone are the days of unwieldy expensive gaming consoles being required. New technology has made it easier for anyone to game at home or on-the-go. Games aren’t just for the young anymore either. Handheld devices, diverse game options, and increasing gamification at school and work means that more adults are enjoying a wide range of modern gaming options. Not only can games help you relax and take a few minutes for yourself, research shows they may offer some benefits for your brain too!

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Playing is Winning

Beyond the pleasure that participating (and in particular winning/mastering) provides, there is more behind what games can provide our cognitive function.

Games have been demonstrated to develop and enhance specific parts of the brain’s regions/structure and performance.


Gaming has been shown to beneficially impact these neural areas:

Attention: Gaming can increase specific types of attention, most notably spatial, and improve efficiency via maintaining focus.
Visual and Motor Skills: Gaming can increase co-ordination and visual perception.
Multi-tasking: Gaming can hone quick decision-making skills, the ability to keep track of multiple elements & the skill do more than one task simultaneously.

Socially speaking, gaming may hold value too. Thus far gaming has been positively linked with:
• Fostering creativity
• Nurturing resilience
• Boosting mood
• Deflecting anxiety
• Promoting cooperation

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