The Big Five Smartphone Factors

By June 20, 2016Smartphones



How do people choose what Smartphone to buy on a market flooded with brands they know and brands they may not know? Studies conducted to determine this, have found that consumers decide what to purchase based on Price, Brand, Size, Interface and Technical Features.

Let’s briefly touch on the importance of these big five before taking a closer look on how Prestigio smartphones stack-up in these categories when they are compared to others in their class.

The Big Five Smartphone Factors

1.Price – It is no surprise that Price is a big factor in what tech we buy.

The amount of money a consumer is willing to spend on a device will depend on how they weight the other five influencers.

Some consumers may be willing to forgo technical features to own a logo they believe comes with status. Others may spend more to get the size they want. Still, others may seek the best array of technical features available at the lowest price. Are you savvy with your money?

How price factors into your choice will depend on your values and what you need and want in a smartphone.


2.Brand – Exploring the New versus Trusting the Old

Just because a phone is expensive does not mean it is a quality device. Just because a smartphone is not made by one of the giants in the tech world does not mean it is inferior quality.

At Prestigio we realize that we are not yet as well-known as other brands. To ensure potential customers know that we can be trusted we offer a 2 year warranty on all of our devices.

For this category we will compare Prestigio to other brands who are also competing with the big corporations/conglomerates.


3.Size – How it Matters

This is important because it contributes to ease-of-use. Some want a small sleek phone which is easy to tuck away and others want a fairly large one which can be can be used easily with big hands or poor eyesight. If you plan to stream movies often, you may want a screen sized to hold and view with comfort.


4.Interface – Intelligent Beauty

This includes both how your phone talks to other devices and what operating platform it uses. Features like Bluetooth contribute to ensuring high functionality. The operating system platform is important; will it be able to run your favourite apps & be easy-to-learn without having to test your patience. It contributes to your ease in accessing the functions of the phone.


5.Technical Features – What’s on the Inside?

These specifications of a smartphone will influence its processing speed, battery-life, quality of pictures, and storage capacity. The value of technical features should be prioritized according to your demands on the device and what it will be used for.

To see how Prestigio’s various Smartphone models fair when judge according to the criteria listed above Click Here

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