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By February 1, 2017Prestigio, Tablets

Honourable Character Traits


Curious, Creative, Ambitious, Bold, Problem-Solver, Risk-Manager, Inspiring, Self-Starter, Diligent & Committed.

Prestigio defines the entrepreneurial spirit by outlining the qualities that can shape integrity & success! We know that certain ideas require connectivity to get work! Certain start-ups, in the early-stages, require a capable tech device to act as the business hub. That’s why we are sponsoring a free tablet giveaway!


Leveling the Playing Field

South Africa is a land of remarkable diversity. It is a land of opportunity for some while others face severe challenges that can make it difficult to even get off the ground. We think it is full of untapped potential just waiting to be unleashed. Our dream for the future is one where everyone shares the same freedom to succeed. This fuels our mission to bring affordable and capable technology tools onto the market.

Innovation can dissolve boundaries and be a powerful uniting force, and we at Prestigio want to help. We want to support individuals driven despite the odds, someone who seeks to connect people and build a better future for South Africa. Start-ups that are creating true solutions for their communities


Diligent Integrity

Prestigio salutes individuals that find a way to start where they are and build toward their vision; to those who live to make a difference, affect community positively, and be the best they can be. Especially, South African’s with start-ups that empower others through skills or employment training.

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We respect those who don’t wait for perfect conditions but rather take the initiative to do something to improve their lives & that of others.


Positivity is the name of the game!

We realize that it’s not ‘easy’ to always make the decision to change and to grow; so we commend those putting their energy into moving forward. Positivity can be challenging to hold on to when the going gets rough. Remember that inspiration can be a valuable motivator to recharger.

Prestigio aims to be a clear, honest and educated voice of encouragement. We put extra effort into providing informative, useful content that shares tips and tricks on how to get the most from your tech devices as well as news about exciting success stories and fresh thinkers making a positive difference. You can sign-up for our free newsletter here should you wish to.


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If you know of someone or a start-up that fits the criteria above, nominate them to win. Entry is easy. Simply tag their name into our competition posts via Facebook. Just like that, they will become eligible to receive a completely free Prestigio Tablet ready–to-go.

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To Note: The above article is not to be taken as Financial Advice, it is merely meant to be informative & entertaining.