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By November 22, 2018Prestigio

South Africa’s scenery is as diverse as its people. South Africa is home to variety natural landscapes, unique ecosystems, and important cultural heritage sites. Beyond the iconic or what’s featured on popular postcards there is so much more to see, to explore, and to feel proud about here in South Africa.

South Africa offers so many changes of scenery it’s impossible to get bored. Let’s take a whirlwind virtual tour and browse through some of South Africa’s most stunning settings.

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Up North

• Touching the border of both Zimbabwe and Botswana is Mapungubwe – a rocky savannah environment with distinctive cultural significance. Visit here to get in on the intrigue and tour what remains of what was once the largest civilisation south of the equator on the African continent. This kingdom thrived here at the confluence of Limpopo and Shashe rivers up until the 14th century. [Source]

• Northwards towards the Namibian border is another setting worth investigating. Here is a vast sand expanse known as the ǂKhomani Cultural Landscape where the ǂKhomani Sans people reside/d. Be amazed at the ingenuity and egalitarian methods they depended on to live in this harsh wilderness world. [Source]

• In the Northern Cape the massive Richtersveld area covers a massive 160,000ha. In this dramatic desert mountain setting of both natural and cultural importance one can discover an ancient way of life. Here is where the semi-nomadic Nama people make their way in this extreme environment. Get swept up in rhythms that have been unchanged for ages. [Source]


East Coast

Welcome to the wild coast, land of craggy coastal landscapes, incredible canopy forests, winding rivers, and wetlands. Here we find iSimangaliso Wetland Park a scenic wonderland where water is always shaping and always changing the vista. From ocean reefs to swampland there is so much to explore in almost 240,000ha. Visit to be astounded at the variety of marine life and surprised by savannah animals making their way in a very different sort of terrain. [Source]


Down South

Table Mountain sometimes steals the southern spotlight. However, there are more landscapes worth investigating beyond the city’s famed backdrop. Did you know that the plant life (Fynbos) that lives in our southern province is not found anywhere else in the entire world? The Cape Floral Region consists of thirteen designated locations that encompass 1 million hectares and is revered by the world’s botanists. The diversity found in the fabulous flora and fauna here give it a prestigious title of its own, one of the six floral kingdoms in the world! [Source]


Close to Jozi

While the Fossil Hominid sites near Gauteng are absolutely worth a visit, the Vredefort Dome is lesser known and equally astounding. Vredefort Dome is the evidence leftover after the biggest meteorite that we know of struck The Earth. Not only is it the oldest astrobleme on the planet but it is also the largest! With a radius of 190kms it measures nearly 400kms across. The role it played in shaping global landscapes is pretty mind-blowing to think about! [Source]



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