Understanding & boosting the value of Bluetooth Technology

By October 9, 2018Prestigio

Bluetooth technology is at times overshadowed by the popularity of Wi-Fi but Bluetooth Technology is worth a closer look. It provides users with multiple advantages and its power should not be underestimated!

Bluetooth is full of untapped potential!

History of Bluetooth

Originating in the early 90’s, Bluetooth was invented by Engineers in Sweden. They wanted an alternative way to transmit data which did not require wires and cables.

Ever been curious how the odd shaped Bluetooth symbol came to be? It is a combination of its namesake’s runic initials ‘H’ and ‘B’. The device-connecting tech was named after Harald ‘Blatland’ Gormsson a Danish King who united the tribes of his time. Blatland translates literally as ‘bluish tooth’.

The tech community were early adopters of Bluetooth technology using it in industry applications. Bluetooth wasn’t launched to the public until around 1998. The subsequent introduction of an official Bluetooth Standard 1.0 made the technology much more accessible and it began to move into the market in dramatic new ways.

The first Bluetooth enabled consumer devices and accessories became in 2000.

The basics on Bluetooth tech

• Bluetooth relies on low power radio waves with a frequency between 2.40 GHz to 2.485 GHz.
• There are 3 Classes of Bluetooth devices, consumer devices are Class 2 and can transmit over a range of up to 10m.
• Up to seven devices can connect to a single device using Bluetooth. This user-made and controlled system is called a Piconet.


How files are transferred via Bluetooth

• Bluetooth transmits data on the ISM (Industrial Scientific and Medical Devices) Radio Frequency Band.
• Bluetooth enabled devices always have a Transmitting and a Receiving antenna such that they can automatically detect each other.
• Using a Spread Spectrum Hopping Technique, transmitted data is broken down into smaller chunks and sent with bursts of up to 1600x radio waves per second between devices.


Bluetooth Today

Bluetooth technology continues to evolve and is finding an ever-expanding range of uses!

Find Bluetooth in all sorts of devices:
• Speakers
• Headphones
• Smartphones
• Laptops
• Keyboards & Cordless Mice
• Printers
• Hands-free kits
• & More

The beauty of Bluetooth is the simplicity for users.

Devices equipped with Bluetooth are super easy to setup. At most, only a pin-code is required to connect devices. Experts predict Bluetooth use will continue to rise. It is already a crucial technology enabling the growing the Internet of Things!


Advantages of Bluetooth Technology

Free! You can share and transfer files via Bluetooth at no cost.

Save Data! Make your own ad-hoc networks and transfer without needing to use a byte of internet data!

Compatibility: Bluetooth is compatible with an increasing number of different types of devices. Pair up to 7 devices together at once.

Longer lasting battery! Bluetooth allows your battery to last longer! Demanding a minimum of power at 0.01 -0.5 watts.

Wireless i.e. No Chords! Bye-bye pesky chords, untangle life with chord free accessories that free you up to get what you need to done! Play music, print docs, and more with convenience.

Private: Bluetooth gives you control over the data you share, before any files are transferred you must give permission i.e. accept/reject the file share request. [ Check your Settings ]



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