Unleashing Potential for Free

By October 9, 2018Prestigio

Free Creativity

These inventors have offered their creations for free in the hope that global access will make the world a better place.

Sing it!

Daisuke Inous is Japanese businessmen whose interest in providing music was bigger than his talent for playing it. It all began when he started playing drums for a band that played in-house background music. Their accompaniment allowed others a chance to have a ‘go’ at the mic. As it turns out he wasn’t such a great musician and soon stopped playing in the band to start managing it. The band had a nice following and when Daisuke was unable to meet the demand for their services, he stumbled upon an idea that would take things to the next level, pre-recorded music!

He ingeniously decided to self-assemble a new contraption that was able to play the pre-recorded music tapes and amplify them at the same time.

Not only would they provide music where his band wasn’t able, but they would be available in pubs for the working people, who couldn’t afford to hire a band for their function. He began to lease out his invention and they fast became a sensation. Daisuke decided not to patent his idea, and soon machine providers began to spring up all over. Machine production was soon taken over by major corporations and the technology spread round the world. Despite Daisuke making almost no money out of his discovery, he’s credited with changing the face of Japanese culture and contributing to a good time the word over.

Truly the world was never the same after Karaoke was born. People have been coming together around self-styled renditions of the greatest hits ever since, “Karma Karma Chameleon….” [Source]


Safety First

Nils Bolin has saved millions of lives – an assertion not many individuals will ever be able to claim. In the late 1950’s, automobile engines grew in power and likewise their speeds increased. Engineers searched for suitable ways to keep passengers safe in case of a car accident.

In 1959, Nils Bolin invented the unique three-point seatbelt.

The genius of his design was that it was capable of absorbed great force and yet remained easy to fasten and unfasten.

Although he worked for Volvo at the time, the technology was deemed too important not to share. Instead of patenting the work, they released it to other car manufactures. Superior design meant that everyone was quick to adopt this new safe and simple seatbelt!

Seatbelt-use is now legislated in most of the world, including South Africa. This amazing invention can save your life if you wear it! Seatbelts reduce your chance of death by at least 50% in the unfortunate instance of a road accident. What better reason to buckle up! [Source]


Surf Away!

If you are reading this on the Internet, it’s thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. Tim is an engineer and computer scientist. He is also a super smart inventor.

In 1989 he designed a way to share hypertext documents over the Internet. Instead of bogarting his ingenious concept he released it.

This generosity changed the face of our world completely – resulting in what we now know and refer to as the World Wide Web. The creation of the WWW and its ability to make sharing information easy has impacted 21st century life in numerous ways.

Not only did Tim not charge for his innovation (or collect royalties) he has led the struggle to keep the internet free and open to everyone around the globe.  [Source]

If you are interested in free data communication, click here to learn about the potentials of Bluetooth Technology.


What do you have to give?

Do you have great ideas that are just waiting to be unleashed on the world? How about skills that could benefit your community? Or time that could invested in family? We implore you to make use of your potential!


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